Kids Memory Verses
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Kids Memory Verses

by Blue Ivory House

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As a kid you may remember learning the Holy Bible and memorizing verses. You may have even won prizes for being able to recite Bible verses from the memory. Even today, in many countries there are programs where children are supposed to memorize verse from the Holy Bible, and participate in a competition which is similar to the National Spelling Bee. The winners are rewarded with great prizes with the greatest prize being – The have stored the Precious word of God in their hearts and minds.

It is a dream of every parent that their kids also memorize as many verses as possible from the Holy Bible. Kids also have this desire to learn and conquer.

Keeping in mind these few facts and also after talking to parents, kids, pastors, Sunday school teachers, we came up with the idea to create an Alexa skill that helps the kids to memorize verses from the Holy Bible.
Meet our friend, “Kids Bible Teacher”, which is an Alexa powered skill that teaches kids Bible Verses. Kids can explore this skill and learn and grown in wisdom, stature and in the favour of God and man just like Jesus Christ and be ready to face the world. No doubt it is said that the word of God is a sharp two edged sword and our skill “Kids Bible Teacher” will help your kids to polish their swords which is the knowledge of the word of God and make them successful.

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May 7, 2018
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