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Speak Listen Learn

by www.drBlankenstein.com

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Welcome to Speak Listen Learn... The educational fun zone that grows with your child (more about the growing part below)!

Upon opening this skill for the first time you will meet your new guide, teacher and friend... Doodles. A fuzzy little purple creature with a voice that has been specifically designed to entertain and educate your child, while keeping him / her engaged and ready for more. You can skip this intro anytime you use the skill by simply saying "Alexa, ask Speak Listen Learn to Skip Intro".

Speak Listen Learn is being launched with the ability to sing the alphabet, teach letters / pronunciation, words, play sound effects, animal noises, tell jokes and more. Borrowing from decades of educational electronic children's toys, this skill brings the concept into the current virtual assistant world. With cloud based computing, an educational environment such as Speak Listen Learn is no longer restrained by hardware / production limitations. Speak Listen Learn will take advantage of this new technological advantage by upgrading this skill very often.

Future updates will include completely new sections added to the main menu (music, games, other educational topics etc.), as well as further developments of current sections and many more surprises!

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This is kind of fun, follow along if you would. For every FIVE, 5 Star reviews Speak Listen Learn gets in the Alexa app, the developer promises to perform an update. So, by leaving a 5 star review you tell the developer it's worth putting more time into development. Costs you nothing, and inspires further development… Easy right?

That way you can easily do your part to help improve, and continue development of this skill. This has proven to be the best way to keep a Skill’s content from becoming boring due to the lack of updates. With an education / entertainment skill such as Speak Listen Learn, there really is no limit to how large it can become.

EXAMPLE: As of writing this Speak Listen Learn currently has thirteen 5 STAR reviews. When it gets another two 5 STAR reviews the skill will get another fun / education update! (see updates so far below).

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5 STAR UPDATE (12/28/17) Woohoo! Our first update! You can now hear jokes directly from the main menu. There are 15 jokes so far, MORE JOKES WILL BE ADDED in future updates.

10 STAR UPDATE (1/14/17) You now "Spin the animal sound wheel" from the main menu! This will spin through 30 (MORE SOUNDS TO BE ADDED with future updates) of the animal sounds used in the "Learn about letters" section of the skill. A fun and entertaining way to reinforce the word and sound recognition established in the "Learn about letters" section.

15 STAR UPDATE (??/??/??) Only TWO more 5 Star reviews needed to reach our next update! Please leave a 5 star review now and help grow this educational fun zone!

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If for any reason you did NOT have a 5 Star experience using Speak Listen Learn, please first make contact at SpeakListenLearnSkill@gmail.com before leaving your review. Any reviews less than 5 Star do not count towards advancing the skill to its next upgrade. So, by getting in touch before leaving a critical review you both improve the current state of the skill (with your direct to developer feedback), as well help progress the skill to its next milestone.

Technical issue? Cool idea? Want to say hello? We are here!:) SpeakListenLearnSkill@gmail.com

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Your positive feedback = further development of this skill. Thanks in advance!

Copyright © 2018 Dr Blankenstein. All rights reserved.

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