Bye Bye Cavities
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Bye Bye Cavities

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(For kids ages 2 to 8) The most funny and entertaining way to brush teeth! End stressful battles over getting your child to brush!

Dentists recommend children brush teeth twice daily, for 2 minutes.

But this is a painfully long time for kids, and they often become bored or distracted and give up.

Using this skill, they will now enjoy the experience, while developing a lifelong healthy habit!

Kids are carefully guided to brush their entire mouth (sides, tops and bottoms) so they can brush away ALL the cavities!

When the last cavity is gone, a new and unique prize is waiting at the end. Can your child collect all the surprises?

To get started, click the "Enable button", then say:

“Alexa Play Bye Bye Cavities”
“Alexa Start Bye Bye Cavities”
“Alexa Open Bye Bye Cavities”

Please leave a review if you found this useful! If we can get at least 50 - 5 star reviews, we'll expand this to add flossing, and other fun ways to help kids develop healthy habits!

Happy Brushing!

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