Penalty Shootout
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Penalty Shootout


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How to take a shot?
You have five directions in which you can kick the ball when Alexa asks you to shoot. These are top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left and straight. Each time you take a shot, Alexa will randomly choose a direction in which the keeper will dive. If the two choices match, its a save but if they don't then you have scored a goal.

There are two modes in which you can play the game, single player and multi player.

1. Single Player mode
You will have endless amount of chances to try and score. In case your shot is saved by the keeper, you will get 3 additional chances to retry.

2. Multi Player mode
This mode is for playing the game with friends and family locally. You will have the option to select the number of players which are playing the game. Once you select the number of players, Alexa will ask each player to take a shot in a round robin fashion. There will be five rounds in total and at the end of the last round you will get the final scorecard.

At any point in the game, you can ask about the rules or your highscore.

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  • Invocation Name: penalty shootout

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English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), English (US)

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