Masonic Library & Museum Association

Minutes from MLMA Meeting 2009

Held at the Henry Wilson Coil Masonic Library
Grand Lodge of California

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Glenys Waldman, President (Pennsylvania) ; Brian Rountree, Secretary (Manitoba) ; Mark Tabbert, Vice President (George Washington Masonic Memorial);  Eric Trosdahl, Treasurer (Minnesota); Adam Kendall (California); Dick Bish (Washington State); Bill Kreuger (Iowa); Hugh Young (Alberta); Walter Seifert (Tennessee); Larry Loyer (Minnesota); James E. Dufresne (Maine); Aimee E. Newell (National Heritage Museum); Jeff Croteau (National Heritage Museum); Aaron Kornblum (California); Val Korszniak (New Jersey); Shawn Eyer (California); Todd Johnstone (Washington State).
Dick + Gayle Browning (Arkansas)
Diane Clements and Martin Cherry (UGLE)

Welcome, Invocation and Introduction

Frank Loui, Senior Grand Warden of California, welcomed us to the state and to the Grand Lodge building.

The Invocation for the opening of the meeting on Thursday, November 5, was given by the Secretary, the Rev. Brian Rountree.

President Glenys Waldman gave some brief words of welcome to our meeting, following which was a

Tour of Henry Wilson Coil Library & Archive conducted by its Collections Manager, Bro. Adam Kendall.

After a break the Business Session continued.


The 2008 Minutes were reviewed.
M/S: Jim Dufresne, Aaron Kornblum, that they be accepted. Carried.



1]  President

Glenys Waldman gave a brief report of her activities. She had attended the AMMLA meeting in May 2009 in Bayreuth, Germany [AMMLA = Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives in Europe].
She read from a letter of Diane Clements of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry of the UGLE telling of their work in past year.
Glenys indicated that the catalog for Pennsylvania is not online, but she hopes to have it up by the end of the year.

2]  Vice-President

Mark Tabbert reported that the George Washington Masonic Memorial will host our meeting in October 2010.


  • 2011 – hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by the Grand Lodge
  • 2012 – hosted by St. Paul’s Lodge in Minnesota.

3]  Secretary

Brian Rountree presented his report on membership for the information of the assembled members.

He then asked about members that have not paid or whose mail has been returned: what to do about their status? The By-laws say they have to be kept on the list until they indicate a willingness to withdraw.

M/S: Brian Rountree, Jim Dufresne—that the Secretary move such members into an inactive status file until such time as they indicate they wish to return to active membership. Carried.

4]  Treasurer
The Treasurer’s report was presented by Eric Trosdahl. It showed that we are in a healthy financial state.
M/S: Mark Tabbert, Jim Dufresne, that the report be accepted. Carried.

M/S: Glenys Waldman, Jim Dufresne, that these reports be received for information. Carried.



Information Sessions:

The Theme of the talks was Reinvention, Reclamation, and Revival

Short talks and displays were given by:

  • Elida Zelaya, Director of the Western Museums Association. She gave some background to the WMA and its current situation. An interesting discussion was held about the current state of museums.
  • Kristin Morris, San Francisco Historical Society. She talked of collection development for any museum, of the history of the Society and its work, and about the changes to the old Mint building to become the headquarters for a San Francisco museum.
  • Doug Ismail, Director of Philanthropy, Grand Lodge of California, spoke on gathering support for museum and library projects.


After a break---

1]         A presentation by our own Jeff Croteau --Proofs of a Conspiracy:Anti-Masonic Collections in a Masonic Repository -- which he had prepared as a panel member at the annual meeting of the SAA [Society of American Archivists].

2]         It was noted that Aaron Kornblum has an article in Heredom, the journal of the Scottish Rite research Society. Volume 11, 2003 The New Age Magazine's Reportage of National Socialism, the Persecution of European Masonry, and the Holocaust. By Aaron T. Kornblum

3]         Mark Tabbert gave an update: “Digitizing Proceedings, ContentDM now and coming soon.”

The GWMM has an unlimited license for ContentDM that can be used by all Masonic organizations that are recognized by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America. It can be used to digitize printed material such as Proceedings but also for images and for archival materials. The GWMM has formed a partnership with The Masonic Society to help facilitate, give moral support, and training in the use of ContentDM. Those members will then go out to train others nearby, spreading the word and training.
Mark said they would start with the Grand Lodge of Indiana. The Grand Lodge of New York plans to move its database contents to the GWMM site. He said they are hoping for a Feb. 2010 startup of the project.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Business Session resumes:                                                                       

1]         Dick Bish provided us with some coming events in Washington State. He outlined some procedures he has worked on, with the help of Mark Tabbert, over the past few years, to create a standard catalogue procedure for museum artifacts. He now follows the process used by the National Heritage Museum (because Mark worked there when their conversation began).
Dick recommends that this system, called Nomenclature, be supported and encouraged by MLMA for use in Masonic museums. Dick promised to make a full presentation at our 2010 meeting.

2]         Val Korszniak said he had been in touch with Jay Hochberg who is the editor of our Beehive. Jay regrets he could not attend due to commitments at work and with The Masonic Society. Nor was he able to prepare an issue for this year.

Val suggested a small committee help Jay to produce the Beehive. Discussion followed as to the need for a newsletter and the fact that we have the website and the Yahoo group where we could post our news. It was suggested that news put on the web site is a good way of advertising to the world, not to just our closed membership. One suggestion was to have a Blog.

Val said he would ask Jay about the possibility to having a blog added to our web site.

A brief break was taken to allow Val to set up our tradeshow display.

3]         Val Korszniak demonstrated how easy it is to set up the display. It can be seen in photos of Masonic Week 2009 at

Since he had quickly put images on the display to take it to Masonic Week, Val was pleased to lead a discussion about what more permanent items should be on it. Adam Kendall indicated he would work with Val on the panels. [We were all impressed with the panels Adam created for the Henry W. Coil Museum].

M/S: Glenys Waldman, Aaron Kornblum—that Val and Adam explore the possibility of adding a pull-up display to go with our current model. Carried.

4]         The Webmaster’s report was discussed.

M/S Hugh Young/James Dufresne: That we agree with what Ed and Brandy King report excluding their part 4 Recommendations, to be discussed in detail now:

#1 Discontinue the old site. Yes.
#2 We will add content our current site
#4 For a wording for “Recommended Code of Conduct” it was suggested we consider the one used by the Society of American Archivists.
#5 Remove the word “prominent”
#6 add the Webmaster to the list in “Request every member to…”
#7 We agree that displays and other materials should be consistent in style and font usage
Upon these changes being recommended, the Motion Carried.

4]         M/S: James Dufresne, Mark Tabbert—That we register our Trademark. Discussion followed: Mark wondered if MLMA is Incorporated anywhere. No one knew.

M/S: Bill Kreuger/Mark Tabbert—that the motion be Tabled. Carried.

5]         M/S: Aaron Kornblum/Mark Tabbert—That a committee explore what is involved in being Incorporated in a State/Province. Carried.
            Mark Tabbert, Aaron Kornblum, Eric Trosdahl volunteered to serve on the Committee.

6]         M/S: Mark Tabbert/Aaron Kornblum—That we establish a committee to review the by-laws, to report back to this body at our 2010 meeting, and the chair of the committee be the MLMA president. Carried.
            The Committee members are: the Secretary, Eric Trosdahl, Glenys Waldman, Aaron Kornblum and Bill Kreuger.

7]         A Resolution of Thanks was moved by Mark Tabbert and James Dufresne – to thank Robin White of the Berkshire Masonic Centre for his work on our behalf as our U.K. representative. Robin recently retired from his position at the Centre.

8]         Mark Tabbert wondered where the MLMA archives are. Glenys reported that at present she has them in Philadelphia as they appear to move to the next President.

M/S James Dufresne/Val Korszniak—that the MLMA archives be housed at the George Washington Masonic Memorial. Carried. Members and Officers (Past and Present) are requested to send their relevant MLMA material to the Memorial c/o Mark Tabbert.

9[         Concerning Appraisals of Masonic materials. This arises out of the Webmaster Recommendation #4 as well as experiences of the Presidents. Glenys Waldman shared with us the wording she has and will pass it on (suitably emended) to the webmaster.

The Masonic Library and Museum Association, in concert with the policies of many museum and libraries, respectfully declines to provide appraisals or an assessment of the value of an object - in accordance with federal tax law  and the American Association of Museums Code of Ethics. MLMA also respectfully declines to recommend one appraiser over another. To find a qualified appraiser, please check your local telephone directory, go online to find local appraisers or contact:

American Society of Appraisers: 800-272-8258, 
Appraisers Association of America: 212-889-5404, 
International Society of Appraisers: 312.224.2567, 
National Institute of Appraisers: 800-676-2148,

M/S: Mark Tabbert/ Val Korszniak—that we accept the wording to go on our website. Carried.

10]       A discussion was help about our brochures. It was agreed that it should harmonize with our web site. Glenys said she would contact Dick Browning about the changes since he has made the arrangements in the past for printing the same.
Val Korszniak offered to make his business card image available on the web site for us to download and use.

11]       Mark Tabbert mentioned that the Conference of Grand Masters will be at the Memorial Feb. 22/23, 2010.
M/S: Mark Tabbert/ Glenys Waldman – that our web and brochure improvements be done by 01 Feb. 2010 so that they can be on display at the Conference. Carried.



1]         Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America, Feb 22/23, 2010 in Washington, D.C. [The Grand Secretaries meet at the same time]

2]         Conference of Grand and District Grand Lodges of Canada, Mar 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

3]         Bill Kreuger brought news from Iowa.

4]         Dick Bish mentioned that the Grand Lodge of Washington (State) has recognized the Prince Hall Grand Lodge and they have been working together on a number of issues.

5]         Val Korszniak mentioned that he is working with a group who are reviving the library and museum of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.

6]         Mark Tabbert said that a number of changes and new displays are being prepared for the 100th anniversary of the GWMM in 2010. Future gatherings at the Memorial include
            Feb. 2010      Conference of Grand Masters
            Oct. 2010       MLMA            
            May 2011       ICoHF [International Conference on the History of Freemasonry]

There is also to be an exhibit of stones from the White House that were removed during the 1948 renovations and sent to Grand Lodges in 1952. The Memorial has written to the continental Grand Lodges requesting the loan of the stones for the anniversary celebration. The stones have masons’ marks from the Scottish stonemasons who worked on the original White House.                                                

7]         Aimee Newell of the National Heritage Library mentioned a Symposium paper she is to present.

8]         Adam Kendall mentioned that he had worked with the GWMM staff in preparation for California Month. He also announced the California Masonic Symposium in June 2010.

9]         M/S: Glenys Waldman, Brian Rountree—that we record a Resolution of Thanks to Adam Kendall and James Banta for their hospitality and arrangements for this conference. Carried by acclamation and applause.



The elections were conducted by James Dufresne, Past President. He read out the duties of the officers from the By-laws.

The following names were presented by the Nomination Committee—

For:                            Nominee:

President                   Bill Kreuger

Vice-President          Mark Tabbert

Secretary                   Brian Rountree

Treasurer                   Eric Trosdahl

There being only one nomination per office, James Dufresne declared the individuals elected to their respective offices.

James thanked Glenys Waldman, now Past President, for her work during the past two years.


 At 1:35 p.m.  Declared by Bill Kreuger, new MLMA President for 2009-2011.