You Made 2018 Our Year!

We promised that this election cycle would WOW you

You Elected FIVE More Champions of Choice.

This election year, up and down the ballot and all across the nation, we are seeing a record number of women run their first campaigns. In Oregon, these are WINPAC Women and their wins are responsible for achieving an important Democratic Super- Majority in both the Oregon State Senate and the Oregon State House. In fact, 22 of the 38 Democrats in the House are women; nearly 60%!

We left nothing to chance and it made ALL the difference!

With last Tuesday’s election outcomes, women in Oregon now form the most dynamic pro-choice, Democratic State-leadership team in the nation. Thanks to your dedication to their efforts, five more women will be joining current WINPAC stars, such as Governor Kate Brown, President Pro-Tem Laurie Monnes Anderson, Speaker of the House Tina Kotek and Majority Leaders Ginny Burdick and Jennifer Williamson.

WINPAC candidate Anna Williams in Hood River ran and won as pro-choice Democrat, flipping a rural seat from red to blue. Our own Rachel Prusak ousted a long-time suburban incumbent woman who proposed a bill that jeopardized access to care for thousands of women. First-timer Tiffiny Mitchell, on the North Coast, emerged victorious – keeping a critical blue seat blue. Each of our 13 races were hard fought and nearly half of our women prevailed; that’s an excellent return on your investment.

Thanks to your help we were able to contribute over $50,000 in early money, alongside early endorsements and on-going mentorships this election cycle.

Our pro-choice, Democratic women earn their stripes every single day in Salem and will make you proud. Thank you for joining with the other members of the Oregon Women’s Investment Network this fall to bolster their ranks.

We deeply appreciate your membership!

Electing Choice Champions in Salem!


Rachel Prusak beat incumbent Julie Parrish in House District 37 with 53%. As a nurse, Rachel has been caring for seniors in their homes and knows firsthand that affordability is accessibility in healthcare. She supports stable and predictable funding for public schools, and wants to strengthen the pathways to higher education and apprenticeships. Rachel raised $10,000 from WINPAC and our members.


Anna Williams won with 51% of the votes at this frontline battle in Hood River and Cascade Locks, House District 52. Anna Williams is a social worker, teacher, community leader, and a mom who brings people together to make a real difference. She is ready to fight in Salem to protect our quality of life, preserve our spectacular natural heritage, and grow the economy. You helped her with $8500 from WINPAC.


Tiffiny Mitchell was the critical win to maintain a pro-choice vote in the north coast, House District 32. Daughter of a single mom and case management coordinator for child welfare offices on the coast, Tiffiny stepped up when no other woman entered the race and we are so glad she did. She knows what it takes to be a successful voice for middle class voters in Astoria, Tillamook and beyond. WINPAC was Tiffiny’s largest donor at $3000 in the first full month of her campaign.


Rep. Andrea Salinas formally secured her seat as State Representative in Lake Oswego’s House District 38, A daughter of a Mexican immigrant, now raising her own children in Oregon, Andrea is poised to continue her work standing up for public schools across the state, fighting for foundational health care for all to fulfill Oregon’s economic potential and continuing to advocate to slow climate change. Andrea’s election was a smashing victory; she carried 98% of the vote.


Shemia Fagan defeated a 20+ year incumbent in East County and Happy Valley, Senate District 24, in the May primary and won in November handily. This cements her as the newest female Democratic, Pro-Choice Senator serving next session. Shemia specifically ran and won on a platform of equity and affordable housing; her tireless efforts on the trail will no doubt be applied to policy work in Salem. Shemia’s general election results are indisputable, with 97% of the vote.

An Accomplishment to be Proud of!

Knowing it would be a hard fight, WINPAC Women across the state of Oregon, running for both the State Senate and State House, mounted impressive campaigns that were only possible with the generosity of supporters like you.  Though none of these brave women were able to tip the scales in their conservative and competitive districts, they gave their opponents – nearly all of them incumbents – some serious competition.

In the State Senate:


Chrissy Reitz worked tirelessly in Senate District 26 against an entrenched, 2- term incumbent republican and made him work for it! A former NICU nurse and currently serving on the Hood River School Board, Chrissy ran the race of the 2018 cycle. Slicing off a victory, Chrissy just missed the win by 333 votes. She raised nearly $200,000 and WINPAC alone gave her $10,000 of that, thanks to you!

Dpage3image9271136eb Patterson ran an absolutely historic race in Salem’s Senate District 10. Fighting for a futurethat is safe for all, Deb was more than ready to step out and speak up – and that is just what she did. A challenge to the Senate Republican Leader, Jackie Winters, was never going to be easy or comfortable and that did not dissuade Deb. She won an astounding 46% against this long-standing elected official and WINPAC members like you contributed nearly $8000 to her efforts.


Sarah Grider stepped forward to be the best choice for Democrats in the race in Keizer, Senate District 13. Sarah fought the good fight by running a race based on grassroots and community organizing. She was taking on long- time incumbent Kim Thatcher, in a district that has not elected a Democrat in any recent history. She had an uphill battle, but worked hard and managed to secure 44% of the vote last week.

page3image5100128Shannon Souza won the Democratic Party’s nomination to run against a newly minted, anti-choice Senator in the South Coast, Senate District 1.Hailing from Bandon, Shannon proved no corner of the state is too far for women who are ready to challenge the conservative incumbency of the region. In a seat with far less Democrats registered, Shannon won 36% of the vote. Darn Good!

In the State House:

page4image7088976Michelle Blum Atkinson gave it her all to win this open seat in Medford’s House District 6. As a new mom, Michelle ran with a sense of immediacy in turning this long-red district more blue. Squaring off with a woman who has been elected to local government positions before, Michelle still raised $100,000 and came oh-so-close with 46% of votes.

page4image9269904Christy Inskip challenged entrenched incumbent and dentist Cendric Hayden in Douglas County, House District 7. Growing up in a rural community with no health insurance has created a champion for working families in Oregon, regardless of election outcomes. Christy held 39% of the vote in a district that has not had a serious partisan contest in generations.

page4image5098224Eileen Kiely out-knocked and out maneuvered her opponent in a tough in House District 53, Sunriver, which has not been blue in 20 years. Garnering 43% of the votes, Eileen ran with a focus on economic growth, access to healthcare and housing, as well as common sense gun violence prevention measures. This is the district to watch next cycle, when the Republican will have a voting record to answer for.

page4image7175104Darcy Long-Curtiss, a City Councilor in The Dalles was looking to give a pro-choice voice to the voters in House District 59. Despite her firebrand persona, she was defeated by a well-funded incumbent Republican, but still won 37% of the vote in one of the most sparsely populated and difficult to canvas districts in the state.

Some final thoughts before setting the stage for the 2019 Legislative Session:

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the pace set by those women running at the top of the ticket. The tireless work of Governor Kate Brown, Congressional Candidate Jamie McLeod Skinner on the campaign trail propelled Oregon into victory by lifting up women running for local office, defeating dangerous ballot measures and ensuring that the State Legislature is decidedly pro-choice in the year ahead.

We hope you’ll stay with us in the next cycle, when the momentum of 2020 is sure to seed us with another sizable class of women running to be your Champions of Choice in Oregon.