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by Karan Thanvi

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## Inspiration
In today's fast moving world, where parents don't get enough time to spend time with their children focusing on very small details about their habits.
So it becomes difficult to teach them those small but crucial good habits and manners.
Most of the time children follow what they see/hear from others which makes them vulnerable to follow bad(or not so good) manners.
It is very important to start teaching manners to children in such a way that they enjoy it theirselves.
The key to teach them good manners is to not only teach them the habit but also the appropriate reason for that habit.
By teaching good habits we intend to create a foundation of strong character.

### Alexa Tech for Good
- How to solve the problem discuss above? There could be many ways to do this but what could be a fun & easy way ?
- Using AlexaTech could be most fun and easiest way to address this problem.
- These days voice IO technologies like Alexa is easily available & accessible to kids
- Kids can play arround with alexa & with this skill they will learn good habits!
- Whoa! **Kids enjoying learning good habits & manners** with knowing the exact reasons for each of the habits they are learning.

### (Self)Learning
We learnt about alexa skill development & how to use different models for designing the skills.
Also how to use AWS lambdas & serverless application development.

_The main challeng was to `design the flow for interaction & the sequence of the conversation`._

## What's next ?
You can expect many more features being rolled out in future.
Few of them are :
1. _Sending a `notification to parents` about what habits their kids learnt in that day._ This could help parents is seeing how their kids are learning good habits & they can even check if it's been followed by the kids or not!
2. Getting the `input/updates from parents` if they would like any specific thing to be taught to their kids!
3. `Integrate with basic courses/ideal books` to cover up the complete set of good habits.
... and many more!

**#learngood #alexatechforgood**

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  • This skill contains dynamic content.
    This skill contains dynamic content, which is content that is updated real-time based on inputs from the developer.
  • Invocation Name: good habits

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