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PRAC Physical and Electrical Product Risk Assessment Service

PRAC Electrical and Physical Product Risk Assessment


The PRAC Electrical and Physical Product Risk Assessment is a preliminary assessment of an electrical product that is designed to minimize risk of non-compliance against global standards.  Months of regulatory testing time can be eliminated by planning, implementing and executing a precision preliminary assessment plan that involves all global regulatory standards that the product is required to meet.  The reason is simple, if it is determined that your product has a non-conformance, it will be held in a neutral mode at the regulatory agency while your organization interprets the standards and the consequential impact it will have on your electrical device.  In many cases the consequences are severe as you may be required to conduct all of the tests again once the electrical device is resubmitted.  This process can waste valuable time and impact your organizations critical market launch.  It is recommended that this plan be implemented as early in the product development cycle as possible to minimize cost of re-design. 

As part of this program, PRAC will conduct a construction anaylysis and perform all of the key tests that will required by the agencies certifying the product before you submit.  During this phase, PRAC will provide feedback and design solutions that will bring the product into compliance to minimize risk of non-conformance at the ceertifying lab.  Once completed, a CE informative test report can be developed along with a submittal package if third-party certification is necessary.  Once this phase is completed PRAC's Compliance Engineering Management Service should be considered. 

This service can also be conducted on-site.