High Five Maths
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High Five Maths

by ProfileTree

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High Five Maths by Learning Mole and ProfileTree is a fun and interactive maths quiz suitable for ages 5-10. This Alexa Skill is perfect resource to challenge children and it also provides support to develop their mental maths skills. It’s very simple to use:
· Wake up the App
· Choose a level
· Begin your quiz – 5 questions will be provided
· Say’ Repeat’ if you would like to hear a question again or need more time to answer
· Tell Alexa your answers – you will have 8 seconds to answer each question
· Can you answer all 5 questions correctly?
High Five Maths is an easy, fun way to practise mental maths with children. It can be used in the classroom, for home-schooling, at home or independently by the children themselves. The skill gives immediate feedback, gives children time to answer questions and allows the questions to be repeated. It is perfect for building number fluency and speed in mental calculations.
The levels have been designed to suit differing age ranges and abilities as well as being closely related to curriculum concepts. The levels are matched with age but feel free to explore the range to find which one suits best.
· Level 1 – Age 5-6
· Level 2 – Age 6-7
· Level 3 – Age 7-8
· Level 4 – Age 8-9
· Level 5 – Age 9-10
High Five Maths is a great resource for developing listening skills and understanding, a great way to start the day or give children a challenge throughout the day.
It can also be used as part of an end of week quiz, giving an insight into the concepts that children are understanding or that they may still require some support with.
The app has been developed by Michelle Connolly - a teacher with over 16 years teaching experience both internationally and throughout the UK and Ireland. Michelle also runs Learning Mole, an educational platform which specialises in supporting parents, guardians, teachers and everyone involved in the childcare sector to enhance children’s learning and development.

You don't need any special hardware for this Skill and can even use it on your phone. It's an easy and free addition to your children's learning kit. Just activate "Kids Skills" on your phone, enable the skill and you are ready to go. Enjoy learning and have fun.

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