My Fluffy Friend
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My Fluffy Friend

by Pawel Matusz

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You start by selecting your lovely, cute and funny Fluffy Friend. Your goal is to take care of it and level it up. It's simple - your Fluffy Friend needs knowledge and fun to grow. Interact with it, find out what it needs, what it likes, and play along!

As you explore the rich content of this kids skill with your Fluffy Friend, you gain experience points and level up your Fluffy Friend. You can do a lot already from the start: play number games, practice times tables, listen to interactive stories, play quiz games or sing nursery rhymes together, and much more! At first your Fluffy Friend can only do a few simple things, but as it levels up it becomes able to do much more and the challenges become harder and more diverse. You will want to keep coming back to play with your Fluffy Friend to keep discovering and learning new things. Don't worry if you have to leave and come back later - your Fluffy Friend will be waiting for you, ready to pick up where you left it.

Take good care of your Fluffy Friend!

Here are a few things to try once you open the skill and choose your Fluffy Friend:
- Play a story
- Play animal quiz
- Play music quiz
- Play some music
- Practice times tables
- Tell a joke
- What is my score?
- What can I do?

A few last things:
- If you like the skill please, please leave a 5 star rating!
- In case of any feedback you can contact me by email:
- More content will be added as the skill becomes more popular

This skill's content is suitable for all ages, but directed at children between 6-10 years old. Anybody can enjoy it.

Have fun!

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    This skill contains dynamic content, which is content that is updated real-time based on inputs from the developer.
  • Invocation Name: my fluffy friend

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