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PRAC Compliance Engineering Project Management Service

The PRAC Compliance Engineering Project Management Service is a comprehensive deliverable that executes a global product risk assessment plan that will meet all global requirements and third-party certification submittals.   

For many years PRAC has witnessed customers attempting to navigate through the complexities of the regulatory experience.  It is not uncommon to experience delays during the quoting, submittal, testing, and non-conformance elements.  All of this is streamlined as a part of this service comprehensive service.  This skill set is necessary as compliance engineering has a language of its own and complexity have been naturally embedded into this process.  Standards interpretation, technology advancement and global compliance continue to complicate this industry and now can be elimiated by allowing PRAC to become your outsourced compliance department. 

As part of this service, PRAC will act as your intermediate applicant to any third-party agency handling the quoting, submittal and project management phase, consequently removing any complexity and risk of delay.  If a non-conformance arises, PRAC will provide quick consultation on how to resolve any technical or administrative issues that may arise.