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Recently, after a long and grueling month of downtime resulting from a DDoS, Dream Market announced their official closing date. As of now all listings have been disabled, and their is a message informing users that new management will be taking control of the market. Not many details are available on the transition other than Dream Market and their current Onion URL will be going offline. They are giving their users the opportunity to finish their business and recover any funds from their market wallets before the official shut down on April 30th 2019.

For the Dream Market refugees searching for a new darknet market, the most popular choices seem to be Wall Street Market (which is temporarily offline for maintenance), and the Newer market known as Nightmare Market which is currently online and offering very low fees and vendor bonds.

You can check out Nightmare Market by using the invite link below

Dream Market Summary

Dream Market is today the oldest Darknet Market still currently in operation.  They first opened their doors on November 15, 2013, and over the years have won the trust and loyalty of many darknet vendors and buyers alike.  They offer traditional security features and while the Dream Market might not have the most modern looking website it has proven itself to be a stable and secure Darknet Market.

Dream Market launched its marketplace at the end of November 2013.  It operates under strict security guidelines, and have been successful at keeping the administrator\\’s identity secret, even from market staff members.  There have been no known breaches by hackers as of yet.  The market allows the selling of various items and services which include stolen data, drugs, counterfeit items, and other services.  Dream Market is a uses the traditional escrow system and accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero as forms of currency. 

Dream Market Screenshot May 2018
Dream Market Screenshot May 2018

Dream Market had always been a mid-popular market and did not achieve the status as the leading darknet market until July 2017 when Hansa and AlphaBay were taken offline in Operation Bayonet.  After which rumors began circulating that Dream Market may be compromised and under LE control, which is doubtful as Dream Market has remained online for nearly a year later.  Since the take-down of Hansa and AlphaBay, Dream Markets number of listings has risen from 50,000 to over 120,000.

From our own research, the “leaked” IP address stemmed from an update issue that occurred in 2015.  Dream Market has long since relocated to a different location. This assures us that Dream Market was never under law enforcement control and continues to be a trusted and secure marketplace.

In August 2017 Gal Vallerius, also known as Dream Market Staff Member OxyMonster, was arrested after border control searched his laptop and confirmed he was indeed the drug kingpin OxyMonster.  The search discovered $500,000 USD in Bitcoin and confirmed his involvement with Dream Market.

Check out our Interview with SpeedStepper, the Admin of Dream Market

Is Dream Market Down or Offline?

Try these Dream Market alternative linksOr click here for more alternative links. Alternative links for Dream Market tested and updated: August 21 2018

Dream Market Review and Darknet Market Video Tutorial

Dream Market URLlchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2502947670/
Market Forum URLtmskhzavkycdupbr.onion/
DREAD URLdreadditevelidot.onion/d/DreamMarket/
Number of Listings120,000+
Vendor Bond.25 BTC or $1600 USD
PGPForced for Buyers and Vendors
2FAVendors forced to have 2FA enabled
FEFor Trusted Vendors Only
MultisigNo Multisig option available
Bug Bounty ProgramYes, Payout is $75 per bug found
Language SupportEnglish only
Currency SupportBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero
Alternative LinksSeveral Dream Market alternative links
OnionV3 LinkNo OnionV3 links available
Date Market OpenedNovember-December 2013
Security IssuesCurrently no issues. Past Issues security issues
Support RatingAverage

Dream Market Staff

ADMIN: SpeedStepper

FORUM MODERATORS: Waterchain, Goodfella

MARKET SUPPORT: Gowron, Scarface

Dream Market Security Issues:

Dream Market has no current security issues. All previous security issues have been addressed.

Previous/Addressed Security Issues:

1. NOT BANNING COMPROMISED VENDORS With Operation Bayonet, during which law enforcement shut-down and Alphabay and took over Hansa before shutting it down too, many vendors got compromised across markets. Dream Market did not ban at least 14 of those compromised vendors although their Dream accounts are controlled by law enforcement and despite getting many reports and public pressure on the issue. 1-B. NOT BANNING COMPROMISED VENDORS The vendor Blime-Sub a.k.a. BTH-Overdose was busted in early December 2016. Law enforcement managed to get into his account and tried to lure buyers into sending them their addresses. Dream market did not do anything although it was publicly known that this vendor was arrested and flipped. Only on the 31 December, he got finally banned. 2. POSSIBLE IP ADDRESS LEAK FOR MARKET AND FORUM – Resolved A clearnet IP address is mentioned in Dream Market\’s main JavaScript file (lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/market.js). 3. MISPLACED BITCOIN AND DID NOT REIMBURSE ALL USERS – Sept 2017 In fall of 2017, the Dream Market server experienced an issue with wallets becoming corrupted. As a result, many users logged in and noticed that their wallet wasn\’t only empty, but showing a negative balance.   While Dream Market did reimburse most users, some users claim they have only issued a partial reimbursement and were still missing bitcoin.  4. DREAM MARKET MODERATOR ARRESTED – August 31 2017

Law enforcement searching his laptop identified Vallerius as the crook that was handling the online moniker OxyMonster to sell drugs on an illegal underground dark web marketplace called Dream Market.
According to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) affidavit, Vallerius had a crucial role in the Dream Market black market, he was an administrator, senior moderator and also a vendor.

While this did not pose a direct risk to Dream Market, since they take steps to protect the administrator\’s identity, we still consider it worth noting. 5. SERVER LEAK OF PHP INFO PAGE – Dec 2017

In December 2017 Xorz reported another major OPSEC issue with Dream Market.  However, this one somehow went mostly unnoticed. That the full PHP configuration file was accessible to the public.  Not only that, it had been indexed by Google via tor mirror sites.


On February 2018, SpeedStepper posted a market announcement that Dream Market checkout a new forum that is located on the clearnet. They went on to suggest that if the official Dream Market forum is offline that they use the clearnet forum. 
The forum has a disclaimer at the bottom that it is in no way affiliated with Dream Market, however, both forums have user Waterchain as a forum moderator. 

Dream Market Historical Information

Screenshot of Dream Market from April 2014 Dream Market 2014 Dream Market\’s first news post

Dream Market Beta went online 

The first beta version of Dream Market went online. Along with the marketplace a separate forum has been launched. Features: Featured anonymous market platform Using bitcoin transactions to increase anonymity Escrow system to prevent fraud actions Dual rating system to increase trust and business confidence Automatic currency conversion using current exchange rates Messaging system with conversations Seller product and order management system Different shipping prices supported Support to recover lost passwords with PIN-numbers Password update function phpBB board for member discussions Verified import of your Black Market Reloaded reputation Mail server for e-mail clients (enables you to respond faster PGP login for improved security Chat system for faster instant communication (javascript only) 15/11/2013 – Team Speedsteppers







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