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Back in 2014, I published a post on why I rejoined Amazon, after spending a year at a startup. I’ll say again that Amazon is the best run company I’ve ever worked for.

I say that after close to 25 years spent with many big and small companies. I could be getting a startup funded right now. I could probably make more money doing something else. I’m at Amazon because I want to be, because it’s an amazing place to work.

The thing I tell everyone who may be thinking of coming here, perhaps after reading slanted commentaries, is to read the leadership principles yourself. They really do represent the company and what it’s like to work here. And these LPs evolve with time and input as well.

The bigger news is that I helped spin up an exciting new project in my free time and now we’re growing. We need one great back-end developer and one great UX designer to join an amazing team. You can email me, or apply at the links below. I can’t say what it is, but it’s fun and it’s new and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Update

  1. Hi Avi,
    Hope you’re doing well! I saw your ad for a UX designer and wondered if its based in Palo Alto as the job ad describes or can it be based SF? I’m just checking because I thought your office was in SF.

    Thanks, Silka

    • Hey Silka,

      Nice to hear from you. It’s Palo Alto only. SF would be closer for me too. However, there is a free shuttle from Caltrain some of the team uses daily.

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