Mental Maths
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Mental Maths

by Adam Solkar

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Get the kids involved and see how well they do in their multiplication times tables.

Mental Maths will test how well they know their multiplications up to the 12 times tables by default.

This is great if you just want them to brush up on mental arithmetic or just to get the brain stimulated!

Just ask Alexa to open 'Mental Maths" and it will test you on your times tables. The skill will give you the result of your test after 12 randomly selected questions.

If you don't know the answer on a question, you can just say "pass" or "don't know"

Remember to speak clearly when answering the questions.


Has the ability to set difficulty,

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, ask Mental Maths to set difficulty to Hard'.

The difficulty levels are

- Easy - up to 8
- Medium - up to 12
- Hard - up to 16
- Very Hard - up to 20

By default Medium (up to 12 is selected)
Has the ability to set question type,

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, tell Mental Maths to ask me division questions'.

The question types are

Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction and Random

By default Multiplication is selected

Has the ability to set the number of questions to be asked,

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, tell Mental Maths to set number of questions to 10'.

By default number of questions asked is 12


Has Teach Mode to learn a specific number (Multiplactions)

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, tell Mental Maths to teach me the 9 times tables

Has Test or Practice Mode to practice a specific number

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, tell Mental Maths to test me on the 9 times tables
Has the ability to track progress

E.g. say:
-----> 'Alexa, tell Mental Maths to send my report'.

Read the stats of your scores by viewing the Alexa app, and be sure to check out the unique link showing your scores
Watch your child improve their maths by seeing the stats in the provided link in the Alexa App.

Skill Details

  • This skill contains dynamic content.
    This skill contains dynamic content, which is content that is updated real-time based on inputs from the developer.
  • Invocation Name: mental maths

Supported Languages

English (AU), English (GB), English (IN), English (US)

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