Connect 4 Tap
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Connect 4 Tap

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This skill requires at least four Echo Buttons. Echo Buttons offer a new way to play game skills through your compatible Echo device. To learn more just ask 'Alexa, what are Echo Buttons?'

Welcome to Connect 4 Tap, a new twist on the beloved classic for one or more players.

Each time you press a button, the color of one or more buttons will change. To solve a puzzle, all you need to do is make all the buttons red or yellow, depending on what Alexa tells you at the start of each puzzle. Connect 4 Tap is an endless puzzle game, increasing in difficulty the more you play.

While playing the game, you can say 'Alexa, help', for more information. If you didn't catch something, you can say 'Alexa, repeat'.

If you'd like easier puzzles, you can say, 'Alexa, give me an easier puzzle'.

If you'd like more challenging puzzles, you can say, 'Alexa, give me a harder puzzle'.

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