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Company operates in the energy, security, construction, tourism, textile sectors. And also provides advertising, event organization services by

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    3 Jul 2017

    Our vision is to walk with passion worldwide while making our initial projects permanent and also to simplify human life.

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    10 Oct 2018

    Top managers of companies, experts, and politicians will speak at the WTFD forum. There will be presentations and fashion shows of the best designers. And also Turkish music will perform, and all guests will try oriental sweets.

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    28 Jan 2018

    is an where manufacturers of clothing will demonstrate their new collections. This is convenient for the manufacturer, who directly communicates with store owners. For buyers it will be possible to see the maximum number of manufacturers and evaluate the quality.

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    31 Jul 2018

    Live from Dalyan River - where Byblis, the great love of Kaunos lives!

  5. 24 Apr 2018

    “The boat was rolling over in an ocean… The dream threw me on the shores of Marmara! I saw from only a couple of miles away your blackened clear as crystal, Its forehead shining like a crescent: She’s laughing; coquettish, charming and attractive.”

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    23 Apr 2018

    For a bright future, let's all celebrate ! 🇹🇷🎉 📷 Mehmet Öztürk

  7. 11 Apr 2018

    Продается 3-х комнатная квартира в двухэтажном доме с видом на Средиземное море. Расположена в городе Бодрум, в историческом районе Милас. Полностью пригодна для круглогодичного проживания. ⠀ Более подробную информацию можно узнать по почте: realty@enespartners.com

  8. 30 Mar 2018

    Компания Enes & Partners занимается продажей жилой недвижимости в Турции. На фото полностью готовая вилла в городе Мармарис. Вилла расположена недалеко от берега Средиземного моря. На территории виллы имеется собственный бассейн. Вся информация по почте: info@enespartners.com

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    9 Jan 2018

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is aimed at promoting goods and services, as well as creating and strengthening a positive image of the company's brand in social media channels.

  10. 8 Feb 2018

    Russia and Turkey like-minded countries investing in the future. In the framework of the will be held the forum that will promote the establishment of new international perspective economic ties, business contacts in the framework of formal and informal communication.

  11. 1 Feb 2018

    The business aviation market is one of the most sought after directions in the group of companies Enes & Partners. Business jets are private luxury liners. In the cabin of the aircraft it will not only be delicious to eat and sleep well, but also take a shower.

  12. 28 Jan 2018

    Enes & Partners is ideal for the most demanding customers. We offer the highest level of service. Luxury hotels, business class flights, instant passage of all formalities at the airport, meeting at the ramp of the plane, security and many other exclusive services.

  13. 23 Jan 2018

    Construction and individual design of elite real estate all over the world. Enes & Partners will make all your dreams come true.

  14. 14 Jan 2018

    IKEA with the medical company Mercene Labs launched an interactive advertising campaign aimed exclusively at women. In print advertising, a pregnancy test was built in, if the test is positive, then a large discount is given for children's products.

  15. 11 Jan 2018

    Holding Enes & Partners is a leader in the luxury industry. Organization of the most luxurious events, exclusive tours, sale and rent of elite jets and yachts, and much more. To each your request we will find a special and individual approach.

  16. 4 Jan 2018

    The best sewing manufacture, the modern equipment and the qualified workers - components of qualitative work of textile factory Enes&Partners located in Istanbul.

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    1 Jan 2018

    Gaziantep is one of the great melting pots of civilization, so it's no surprise that this -recognized food capital features incredible traditions, stunning history and so much more. See it all more beautiful than ever before in this fantastic video!

  18. 31 Dec 2017

    One of the directions in the group of companies Enes&Partners is the construction and sale of luxury real estate.

  19. 27 Dec 2017

    One of the directions of the holding Enes & Partners is the organization of an exclusive rest in the most luxurious places of our planet.

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    24 Dec 2017

    ... ve bir gün, bu ve diğer benzeri tüm teknolojik ürünler Rusya ve Türkiye'nin birlikte yürüteceği düzende insan hayatını kolaylaştıracaktır.

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  21. 7 Dec 2017

    Event World Turkish Fashion Day will be held in Moscow with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.


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