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Roy Christopher, M.A.

Roy Christopher, M.A. is Visiting Faculty at The University of Illinois at Chicago.
Roy’s main project from 1997 to 2007 was With this site, he established himself as what Disinformation called, “One of the Internet’s leading interviewers of subculture and new-science icons.” He was assistant editor of Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky’s edited collection Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Culture and Music (MIT Press, 2008). His first book is an anthology interviews titled Follow for Now: Interviews with Friends and Heroes (Well-Red Bear, 2007), which Disinformation named one of the most important books published in 2007, and which Erik Davis called, “a crisp and substantial remix of the major memes of the last decade or so”.
He is working on a book about how technological mediation has changed and continues to change our relationships with each other, our information, time, space, and ourselves. It’s called The Medium Picture, is under contract with Zero Books, and will be out in the near future.
Roy has spent over twenty years working as a writer, editor, and designer both on- and off-line. He has written about technology, science, music, and culture for everything from glossy national magazines and regional weeklies to hometown newspapers and homegrown ‘zines, and has written, edited, designed, and consulted for such diverse organizations as Microsoft, Nike, The MIT Press, WIRED, MSN Music, 21C Magazine, ESPN, DIG BMX Magazine, SLAP Skateboard Magazine, h+ Magazine, Disinformation, Reality Sandwich, Gomma, Ride BMX Magazine, The United States Army,, Xbox Games, and Zero Skateboards.
He has also guest lectured at such universities as The University of Washington, San Diego State University, The University of Illinois at Chicago, and The University of Texas at Austin, as well as spoken at events like SXSW Interactive, SF MusicTech Summit, SXSW Music, Geekend’s Boston Roadshow at DMA 2011, and Geekend in Savannah.
Roy earned his B.S. with a major in Social Science and Minors in Psychology and Sociology at Troy University Dothan in 1993. He earned his M.A. in Communication at San Diego State University–California State University in 2005. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Communication Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.
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