Dragon Palm: Story Theater Enabled
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Dragon Palm: Story Theater Enabled

by Richard Carlson

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The world celebrates as scientists push the boundaries of nature by reviving a date palm tree that has been extinct for thousands of years. Unfortunately, sometimes when you push nature…nature pushes back!

Billie Smith is a typical eleven-year-old girl who loves stories about mummies, ancient Egypt and the mysteries of that region. At the same time, she’s also still a little afraid of the dark. Her father is a botanist who has been in Israel helping revive seeds found in King Herod’s tomb and trying to grow them again. Amazingly, he finds success and the Judean Date Palm is now on a world tour like a rock star. All that means to Billie is that her father is finally coming home.

The gift that her father brings her…three ancient seeds that are duds, will change the course of her life forever.

On the other side of the planet, Portrand is angry. He has been asleep for two thousand years when the familiar scent of pollen awakens him. This proud dragon, who ruled the skies for hundreds of years, is suddenly thrown into a world where he no longer knows the rules. He’s scared, hungry and currently on a collision course with Billie’s young family.

What happens when you meet a creature from your worst nightmares?

This ‘dragon out of water’ tale is a story of understanding, friendship and eighteen thousand pounds of fantasy.

Bedtime will never be the same...

Imagine reading a story where your child's reading triggers cool audio effects that bring the whole story to life!

This is a completely immersive adventure for young readers!

Story Theater is an exciting new system that makes you part of the adventure. You'll read along, read aloud and eagerly anticipate the next turn of the page. You can try the system for free. Just say "Alexa, play Dragonpalm." When the narrator says, "It's your turn to read," just say "Next". You'll instantly become part of an exciting serial adventure tale that will make everyone eager to see what happens next.

If you enjoy the experience, you can explore the entire system by purchasing the companion illustrated book here on Amazon or at immersive-publishing.com.

All of the Story theater stories from https://immersive-publishing.com are family friendly and designed for kids. If your child loves to read, this just enhances the experience by adding sound effects, a narrator, interactive reading, music and ambient backgrounds. But if your child views reading as a chore, this might just be the factor that gets them excited about reading. The stories are exciting and fun...any kid should love them. Also...the stories are interesting enough that parents should enjoy them too!

You can try the first few chapters for free and if you like it...you can purchase the whole book and more like them at our web site.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Parents: Story Theater is designed for kids. We make it so that your child develops a lifelong love of reading. The system moves forward using prompts read by your child which trigger narration, sound effects, music, background sounds...even Alexa herself in an age appropriate exciting adventure.

Don't worry...once you start listening, we think you'll enjoy the ride as well.

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