Rapid Math
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Rapid Math

by 1979

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Rapid Math is a multi-modal skill helps users practice addition, subtraction and multiplication math problems. Users earn points by answering questions correctly on the first try. Rapid Math keeps track of high scores, allows users to review incorrect answers and provides a summary of the user's performance. Rapid Math offers multiple skill levels that will challenge users of all ages.

For users with a screen, Rapid Math displays each math problem along with the current score, the user's high score and the medals the user has earned. For users without a screen, Alexa provides options for navigating the skill throughout play.

To launch the skill, say, "Alexa, open Rapid Math."

Once Rapid Math has been launched, say, "Alexa, play a game." The skill will prompt the user for the desired difficultly level, easy, medium, hard or expert. The skill also allows users to directly launch into a game by saying, "Alexa, ask Rapid Math to start an easy game."

Rapid Math keeps track of any math problems the user answered incorrectly. At any time the user can review these problems by saying, "Alexa, review the problems I missed." Users can also review a summary of their performance including the number of problems attempted, problems answered correctly and percentage of correct problems in each problem category, addition, multiplication and subtraction. To review a summary of game performance, say, "Alexa, show the score."

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