OTA's independent research and benchmark reporting on Internet security and privacy deliver uniquely comprehensive insight and practical recommendations for organizations to remain in the vanguard of trusted brands. Initiatives include the Internet of Things, Email Marketing & Security, Breach Readiness, and more. 
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To address escalating online threats, leading public and private organizations, vendors, researchers, and policymakers have joined together to drive broad adoption of the technologies and practices that foster confidence, build reputation, and protect both consumers and organizations. Broad recognition and adoption of the right technologies and best practices fosters online confidence.
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OTA provides an independent forum for industry collaboration and research into the technologies and practices that build strong, trusted brands online. Active collaboration in our Working Groups and Committees allows members to both foresee threats and impact security and privacy practices across a broad ecosystem of stakeholders.
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Tue, Apr 16, 2019
[Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the Internet Society blog at 
Wed, Nov 28, 2018
Today, the Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance released its fifth annual 
Thu, Oct 4, 2018
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and as part of our work with the
Thu, Aug 23, 2018
Later this year, we’ll publish the 10th annual Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll, which
Mon, Mar 14, 2016

The Online Trust Alliance’s IoT Trust Framework is rapidly evolvin

Wed, Feb 24, 2016

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), today announced the results of its 2016

Tue, Jan 26, 2016

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), today released its 2016 Data Pro

Tue, Dec 15, 2015

Today, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released the 2015 OTA Email Unsubscribe Audit, analyzing which leading e-commerce sites are e

Wed, Nov 28, 2018

200 largest online retailers are taking consumer email protection and convenience seriously, according to analysis by the Intern

Thu, Aug 23, 2018

Reston, VA – August 23, 2018 – The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an Internet Society initiative with the mission to enhance online trust, today rele

Thu, Jan 25, 2018

Reston, VA – The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an Internet Society initiative with the mission to enhance online trust, today released its

Sat, Dec 15, 2018
SC Media

We hear horror stories about users clicking on some malware-enabled payload and suddenly all of the codes for their hardware security fobs are stol

Mon, Dec 3, 2018
Dark Reading

They're also honoring unsubscribe requests as soon as they're made, according to the Online Trust Alliance.

Wed, Nov 28, 2018

Except for some backsliding, most retailers are better than they were at handling email unsubscribes and complying with national laws.