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Sparrow - East Kowen Challenge Nightgaine

5 hour
Saturday 12th September 2009 6pm-11pm

Course Description

Following the success of this year’s Paddy Pallin Autumn event, here's an opportunity to return to the very popular Kowen Pine Forest - this time the eastern end and at night!

The track network in this area makes it very suitable for novices wishing to develop their night navigation skills while still providing plenty of challenges for more experienced competitors aiming to clear the course.

This event will feature a specially prepared 1:25,000 map which will allow easy reading of contours in the dark. Following the event, the Hartley crew will supply their usual tasty food.

  • Bonus points for anyone entering their first rogaine.
  • Certificates for the winning team in each category.
  • Prizes for mystery scores and times.
Very close to home, and a great chance to prepare for the Spring 12 hour event.

Inexpensive Torches for those getting started

It is easy to spend $200+ on a new Luxeon Led head torch (see Silva website etc). However, a much cheaper option when you're starting out is the following combination:

  1. An inexpensive 3 Led head torch (buy at a camping store, Dick Smith or eBay) for map reading and to illuminate the ground at your feet for walking.
  2. - plus

  3. A 3 or 5 Watt Luxeon torch from eBay. There are many available with all-aluminium construction and typically powered by 3xAAA batteries. They cost only about $20 - $25 delivered (often out of Hong Kong). Our experience is that they provide a superb light for spotting features at 50m or more. They are a little limited in terms of battery life but provided they are used judiciously, they will probably last 3 hours or so. Just carry one or two sets of spare batteries for longer night events. One model we have used is the Cree Q4 (200 Lumens).

A more detailed discussion about the pro's and con's of head torches can be found at http://rogaine.asn.au/Discussion/3-The-best-rogaining-headtorch.html

We hope this helps.

The Nightgaine Team.

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The people who brought this event about

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Michael Harrap
Marg Harrap
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