Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ubuntu Considered 'OS spy'

Ubuntu Considered 'OS spy' - Who does not know Ubuntu? One of the most popular Linux distro is actually considered to be an operating system that can spy on users.

"Ubuntu, a Linux distribution GUI that has been widely distributed using spyware code in it," wrote Stallman, as we quoted from ArsTechnica, Thursday (12/13/2012).

Ubuntu is an alternative to the Windows operating system out quite widely used open source activist. But the latest version of the OS is actually considered to Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation as providing surveillance applications.

Other than that all searches conducted in the Dash will also be sent to Canonical. This is a regrettable Stallman, especially Canonica allegedly received a fee from every item sold through Amazon Dash.

Application is Shopping Lens Stallman is one of the search feature on Dash. With this capability, users can not only discover what is inside a PC, but also content available on Amazon.

"By promoting Amazon, Canonica will get contributions from them (Amazon-ed)," added Stallman, in a paper which he uploaded on his personal blog.

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