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At our offices in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA, Drs. Vicken Sahakian, Michele Evans, and Yvonne Yanqing Han can arrange surrogacy for hopeful parents who are unable to carry a child to term. 

It is important to remember that there is no perfect donor or surrogate, but there are many healthy young women who care and want to help.

We can help you find the right gestational surrogate from a pool of candidates who have undergone thorough screening to ensure that they are able to help hopeful parents realize their dreams of building a family.

The pool of donors or surrogates comprises young and healthy women. Many are students or young mothers who are drawn to the program by empathy or altruism, and certainly for financial reasons.

Variables to Consider
When Choosing a Surrogate

Selecting a surrogate is usually easier since you do not need to match for any physical characteristics. You should however, take into consideration the following variables:

  • Age: Not to exceed 40 years.
  • Pregnancy history: An ideal surrogate is someone who has been pregnant before and has delivered healthy infants through an uneventful gestation.
  • Medical history: It is important that the surrogate is free of any major illnesses that could complicate a pregnancy, such as hypertension or diabetes.
  • No more than 2 consecutive pregnancy losses.
  • No more than 2 Cesarean sections.
  • BMI < 35.

Choosing a Surrogate or Donor

One of the first steps that a couple takes is to choose a suitable donor or surrogate. This can be accomplished by using a Donor or Surrogate Agency. We work closely with many of the largest and most reputable Agencies. This enables us to offer a large selection of donors and surrogates to our patients. The agency will allow you to select your ovum donor or surrogate based on detailed information contained on the donor’s or surrogate’s file. 

You will also be able to see pictures of the donor or her children. In some instances, some of these agencies will allow you to meet the donor if the donor consents to do so. In almost every instance, you will meet the surrogate.

Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy : $15,000.00

Included Procedures
Coordination Included
Ultrasound examinations Included
In cycle blood tests Included
Intravenous set-up Included
Anesthesia Included
Oocyte extraction Included
Oocyte Identification from Follicular Fluid Included
Sperm Capacitation/Wash Included
Culture of Oocytes Included
Fertilization of Oocytes Included
Embryo Culture Included
Preparation for Embryo Transfer Included
Ultrasound Guidance during Embryo Transfer Included
Embryo Transfer Included
One blood pregnancy test done at PFCLA Included
Excluded Procedures Fee
Intended parent testing prior to treatment Variable based on insurance coverage
Surrogate testing prior to treatment $2,200.00
Surrogate agency fees Variable
Surrogate compensation Variable
Surrogate legal fees Variable
Surrogate travel fees Variable
Intended parents FDA testing $1,500.00
Medications $4,000-5,000
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) $1,950
Embryo Freezing and one year storage $700
Assisted Hatching $995
Preimplantation genetic testing $5,000-6,000
Testicular extraction of sperm $4,500
Acupuncture $140 per session
1st trimester Pregnancy care Variable based on insurance coverage

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If you are in the process of researching whether surrogacy is a good option for you and your family, or if you would just like additional information, please contact us online or give us a call to set up a consultation at one of our offices. Meanwhile, please take a moment to explore the following list of prices pertaining to surrogacy services:

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