20 Websites Like WatchCartoonOnline, Best Alternatives in 2019

Watching cartoons was an essential part of our childhood, everyone wants to go and think about their childhood life, that’s why many people love to watch cartoons. In this blog post, I will share with you 20 Websites like WatchCartoonOnline.

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Nowadays we don’t have time to sit in front of a TV and wait for a specific program, Life is too fast, but good thing is that we have many options to Watch Cartoon Online for free as well as paid.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

It is a Cartoon and anime streaming website which offer many cartoon series, dubbed, subbed anime in the English language worldwide, WatchCartoonOnline is too popular in the US. Now its also known as WatchAnimeDub.

Many times people ask about Best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives, there is no doubt that this website is good, but sometimes it goes down and all cartoons and anime are not available there.

If you start to find similar websites to WatchCartoonOnline then it will take times, that’s why here I am sharing a list about it along with some useful information related to Cartoon streaming site.

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20 Websites Like WatchCartoonOnline in 2019

Before knowing about that I want to warn you watching cartoons online for free may or may not be illegal, the following website list is only for the education purpose.

  1. Kiss-Anime Club
  2. KissAnime
  3. AnimePahe
  4. 9Anime
  5. KissCartoon
  6. CartoonCrazy
  7. Anime Nova
  8. OtakuStream
  9. CartoonsOn
  10. AnimeShow
  11. AnimeUltima
  12. AnimeFLV
  13. AnimeTV
  14. Anime Heros
  15. Chia-Anime
  16. FreeOnlineAnime
  17. Cartoon Network
  18. WatchOnlineCartoons
  19. Anime Freak TV
  20. MasterAni.me

1) KissAnime Club

WatchCartoonOnline Similar

It is a new website which offers you many anime movies and television series, You get the clear interface and better user experience here. Its name is quite similar to the popular anime site KissAnime but its domain name (URL) is different.

The best part of this site is that you don’t get annoying ads while streaming cartoons, this site offers you many subbed, dubbed anime as well movies. Users get a dedicated list for all popular anime series.

Kiss Anime Club is a new site so it doesn’t have good traffic, You will like its video player because it is easy to operate and also you get the button to share and download the anime video.

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2) KissAnime


KissAnime is also a free website to watch cartoons and anime, it offers English subbed and dubbed anime in the HD video quality. It is especially for anime lovers because they get almost all types of anime here.

This site is different from the above site Kiss Anime Club, so don’t be confused, it also has a movie section in the header. it is a mobile-friendly site, but you get many ads which could be irritating for you.

KissAnime is an old Anime streaming site which has around 40 million monthly traffic, most of the traffic comes from the US which is around 50%. Try this site it could be the best alternative of WatchCartoonOnline for you.

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3) AnimePahe


It is another best website which dedicated to the anime lovers, It offers many subbed, dubbed anime. Its home is ad-free and easy to understand, AnimePahe only shows latest released anime on its homepage.

According to interface and user experience, this site is good as compared to other free anime streaming site, you get the thumbnail and title of anime and after clicking on it, your anime will start to play. The video player is also good with the clear interface.

AnimePahe has around 2.5 million monthly traffic, which comes from the US, India, Philippines, and Malaysia. The different thing is Indians also visit but it only offers English anime.

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4) 9Anime


9Anime is one of the best websites to watch anime online, this site offers you a great collection of anime series. It also accepts anime request in case any anime title is not listed in their list then you can request.

Site interface and user experience are not up to the mark but they have a big list for anime. You will see many pop-up ads and display ads while streaming, pop-up ads will be open in the new tab of your browser.

Now let’s know about its popularity, it has around 10 million monthly users, most of the users come from the United States. Americans love anime.

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5) KissCartoon


It is a site which provides many cartoon and anime series for free, its cartoons series is always updated and categorized for the users. Most of the cartoon lover may know about it. Here are the KissCartoon alternatives.

You can register on KissCartoon as a member after that you will be notified whenever new cartoon or anime uploaded.

Both sidebars are covered with the ads, also you get pop-up ads after clicking on the video.

KissCartoon is too popular among the people, it has around 15 million monthly traffic, most of the users come from the US and UK on this site.

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6) CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is also a good alternative for WatchCartoonOnline, it offers you many cartoon and anime series without sign up, It is also a good option for the English dubbed anime.

Interface and user experience is good, CartoonCrazy is easy to operate, it wouldn’t confuse you, Yes, you will see many pop-up and display ads which will open in the new tab of your browser.

This website has good popularity with the 12 million monthly users, most of the users are from the US, UK, and Canada.

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7) Anime Nova


It is especially for Anime fans, it offers many anime movies, Anime Nova is a text-based site,  its homepage shows you the title of anime.

You don’t see any type of pop-up ads on its homepage, it has a clear interface and good user experience, the site also offers you a search tab where you can find your desired anime.

AnimeNova has around 3 million monthly users in a month, but most of the users come from Japan and the United States.

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8) OtakuStream

Otaku Stream

OtakuStream is the best site to watch anime online, It offers you latest released anime which all set section wise. It has a feature which called Light/Dark, you can select this according to day and night.

OtakuStream has the best interface and user experience, you don’t see any type of ads on its home page, along with it, users can sign up here with the Facebook and Twitter. It offers a search bar where you can search your favorite anime.

It’s time to know about popularity, because of good interface and UX this site has around 15 million monthly traffic which comes from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

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9) CartoonsOn

Cartoons On

It is the site which offers you many popular cartoons and anime series free of cost, CartoonsOn has a small library of the cartoon, but if your cartoon title is popular then there is good chance to stream.

I don’t like its user experience, because many times it shows annoying ads which will redirect you to bad sites. Users may be confused that where they should click to play a video.

CartoonsOn has around 5 million traffic in a month, it is popular in the US, UK, Canada, and Netherland.

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10) AnimeShow


AnimieShow is another site which streams tons of Anime worldwide, It has a big collection of anime, You can search your favorite anime in the search tab.

You will see pop-up ads when you click on this site, it doesn’t depend on where you clicked. that’s why many users hate this site. although it has a big library of anime.

This site has a good authority with 11 million traffic in a month, it is popular in the US and UK.

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11) AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima has many sections on its homepage where you get a dedicated category of Latest Episode, Popular Shows in 2019, All time popular, and latest added anime. It also offers many TV series. It could be a good alternative to WatchCartoonOnline.

this site has a good interface, its homepage is quite clear and ad-free, you get a big search bar where you can search your anime which you want to watch. Users are able to sign up here.

AnimeUltima has 3 million traffic in a single month, this site is new so its popularity is enough according to time. It is popular in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

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12) AnimeFLV


AnimeFLV is the big name for Anime, I can say it the father of Anime, but one and most thing is that is not for the English language, If you know Spanish then it could be the best option to watch all kind of anime online.

User interface and experience are up to the mark, it provides you with a list of anime in the left sidebar, also you can search your favorite anime here.

It has around 100 million monthly users which come all over the globe, the most popular country is Mexico. Check out free sports streaming sites.

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13) AnimeTV

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

AnimeTV is also a good place to watch the latest Anime online, It offers the latest subbed and dubbed anime in the English language.

Both sidebars are covered with the display ads and the middle is fully filled with the latest anime thumbnails. Users are able to sign up with the Facebook and Twitter.

Anime TV is popular in the US and UK with the 7 million monthly users. Visit this site explore more features.

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14) Anime Heros

Anime Heros

It is a new one in the cartoons streaming world, It provides you with most of the popular and latest anime. It has some section where you notified about the Which animes are most watched and popular on this site.

You don’t see display ads on its home page but you get some pop-up ads while streaming anime. It has a simple and easy to operate interface.

Anime Heros is not an old site that’s why it has around 150K monthly users.

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15) Chia Anime

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

Chia Anime is also an alternative to WatchCartoonOnline, where you get a big collection of anime. It streams videos in the Hight quality so you love to watch your anime here.

You will see many pop-ups and display ads on its homepage if you will click then a new tab will open in your browser with the ad.

It has around 7 million monthly traffic which comes from the United States and the Philippines.

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16) FreeOnlineAnime

Free Online Anime

It is one of the best options to watch Anime online, this platform is not for the Cartoons lovers, FreeOnilneAnime offers you many amine series and movies.

Users can navigate this site easily, the video player is similar to YouTube which is a different thing from the other streaming sites. Users can stream all videos in the High definition.

FreeOnlineAnime is a new site and it doesn’t have good traffic, but it provides you the good UX so try this site now and enjoy your favorite anime online.

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17) Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Most of the Anime and Cartoon fans already know about it, Cartoons Network is also a good option to stream many cartoons. It provides some web-based games for the kids.

It has a great interface and user experience because everything is like premium, users can play a video in the best quality within 2 clicks. They only have a small library and that is the bad part of it.

Cartoon Network has around 1 million monthly visitors, most of them come from the US and UK.

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18) WatchOnlineCartoons

Watch Online Cartoons

The name is quite similar to WatchCartoonOnline, It offers you many cartoons and Anime, this site also provides you the content from the Nick, Disney, Cartoon Network.

It has a clear homepage which covered with the thumbnails of your favorite anime and cartoons. You also get many pop-up ads while streaming.

This site has low traffic, it is around 30K.

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19) Anime Freak TV

Anime Freak TV

AnimeFreak TV is one of the good alternatives, it offers you many anime titles, users are able to browse by the genre, alphabetically, popularity and latest released episode.

The user interface and experience is okay, It offers much anime on its home page, the sidebar is covered with the display ad. the video quality of the streaming is not bad.

According to the similar web, this site has around 12 million monthly visitors, most of the users come from the US.

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20) MasterAni.me

Master Anime

It is also a good platform to watch anime and cartoons, it offers you some section or I can say category where you get your recent anime, being watched anime and popular anime of the day.

MaterAni.me had a good interface, here you get the homepage without ads which is the best part of this site, User can operate this site easily because almost all things are categorized.

It has around 30 million visitors in a single month, most of the visitors come from the US and UK.

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Now you have many similar websites like WatchCartoonOnline, whenever you want to visit another site you can go there with the help of this list. Remember there are no any best free cartoon streaming sites which is up to the mark because every site has some pro and cons. If you want everything premium then you should go for the paid cartoon and anime streaming sites.



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