Math Wars
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Math Wars

by Kevin Sullivan

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Whose cleaning the dishes this week?
Battle it out in Math Wars and find out.

Math Wars isn't just your typical math skill, with Bonus Rounds, and a few Surprises, learning has never been so fun!
Whether you're challenging yourself or battling others, Math Wars is a great way to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Tell your teacher about Math Wars, and play in the classroom!
P.S. You'll be one step ahead :P

For each arithmetic there are five difficulties, very easy, easy, medium, hard and very hard.

Addition Very Easy 1 - 5
Addition Easy 2 - 10
Addition Medium 5 - 20
Addition Hard 11 - 50
Addition Very Hard 25 - 150

When asked a medium addition question you be asked to add two numbers between 5 and 20. The sum will be between 10 and 40.
Subtraction uses the same difficulty pattern as addition but flips the numbers around.
If addition is 1 + 2 = 3, then subtraction would be 3 - 2 = 1.

Multiplication Very Easy 1 - 4
Multiplication Easy 1 - 8
Multiplication Medium 2 - 12
Multiplication Hard 3 - 16
Multiplication Very Hard 4 - 20

Division uses the same difficulty pattern as multiplication but flips the numbers around.

Startup Phrases - Use Startup Phrases to start playing even faster.
Please note, these ONLY work before the game is started!
Alexa, open Math Wars

Alexa, ask Math Wars to play with settings from last time

Alexa, ask Math Wars for 5 questions
Alexa, ask Math Wars for 10 multiplication questions
Alexa, ask Math Wars for 10 very easy addition questions
Alexa, ask Math Wars for 10 medium multiplication questions for 4 players

Alexa, ask Math Wars for 5 hard division questions for me

Alexa, ask Math Wars for help

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