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State Explorer

by RAK

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State Explorer is an engaging skill for kids to learn about the 50 states of the United States that has two components or modes:

1. Information Mode in which it gives them information about each of the states, and
2. Challenge Mode in which it tests their knowledge by asking them a series of 5 questions on state capitols or nicknames.

Information Mode
The child can ask for information about a specific state, such as Virginia by saying, “Alexa, ask State Explorer to tell me about Virginia.” Or, they can ask to hear about a random state by saying, “Alexa, ask State Explorer to tell me about a state.” Alexa will answer with the state’s capitol, nickname, motto, bird and flower.

Challenge Mode
To take either the State Capitol or State Nickname Challenge, the child must first register their first name as a player. So, Bob would say, “Alexa, register Bob.” Alexa will use the name they give to track the points they earn during their challenges. A great feature is that State Explorer can keep track of multiple children as long as they use different names.

Once registered they can take a challenge by saying, “Alexa ask State Explorer to challenge me on either State Capitols or State Nicknames.” Alexa will then ask for their Player Name and the Difficulty Level for the questions. There are 5 multiple choice questions for each round. The Number of Possible Answers Given and the Points for a Correct Answer each depend on the Difficulty Level. This explains how that works:

Easy – 2 possible answers will be provided, and the correct answer is worth 1 point,
Medium – 3 possible answers will be provided and the correct one is worth 3 points,
Hard – 4 possible answers and each one correct is worth 5 points.

Because Alexa will save the scores from their challenges, the child can find out his or her point totals by saying, “Alexa, tell me my scores,” and giving their Player Name when Alexa asks. Since State Explorer allows multiple players, kids can compare their scores as they increase their knowledge of the states.

State Explorer is a fun way for children to learn some basic information about the states that will help them in school and probably even stump their parents!

Here is a link to a YouTube Demo of State Explorer:

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