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Who did it

by RURx77

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WHO DID IT is an Alexa skill for children ages 2 to 5.

You or your child says, "Alexa Who did it?" and Alexa responds with "Ella did it." Where Ella is a name pulled randomly from a list of names that you set up ahead of time.

At any time, after invoking WHO DID IT, say ADD ABC where ABC is the name you wish to add to your list of names. Alexa will confirm the name has been added and listen for the next ADD command. Continue to say the word ADD followed by a name until you have completed your list.

When the list is complete say "Alexa Who did it?" to hear a name from the list. Once the name is spoken, Alexa will listen for 6 seconds to hear a reaction. If you say "No" or "I don't think so" or "No way" Alexa will choose another name from the list. This can continue until the list of names is exhausted. This is helpful if you want Alexa to say a specific person's name. If you say "Yes' or "I thought so" Alexa will confirm the name and stop listening.

You can add more names at any time, up to 20 in total.
You can also delete names from the list by saying DELETE ABC where ABC is the name to be removed.
To hear a complete list of names at any time say READ NAMES.
After each command Alexa continues to listen until you say Good bye or there is a time out (6 seconds).
Help is also available at any time by saying HELP.

An ideal situation for using "Who Did It?" Is when something happens and no child will own up to it. Children enjoy hearing their name or the name of their brother or sister.

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  • Invocation Name: who did it

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January 21, 2018
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