Awakening Soul
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Awakening Soul

by CodeX

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Awakening soul is designed to lift up your spirits and to reduce the stress and anxiety of your daily lives that is very much present in the present scenario. Teaching children about the art of meditation is the ideal age to begin the process of self awareness and has far reaching benefits than when taught in adulthood.
'Awakening soul' sets up the right environment that is required to do meditation by kids. When asked for ‘meditation’, it offers different types of meditation techniques originating from Buddha's way of meditating that are scientifically proven to improve your mood, calm your mind, relax your body, enhance life force and help you develop healthy self esteem.
When asked for ‘teachings’, it teaches you excellent values taught by Buddha through the medium of randomly chosen story from plenty of short and crisp stories that help you retain these morals and include in your behavioral conduct.
When asked for 'quotes', it also presents the kid with many and many quotations by Buddha that would give you an insight and nurture your emotional well being. It gives them an expansive and relaxed way of thinking which help you bring clarity and to reach your full potential.
When asked for ‘Buddha’s life’, Awakening soul also introduces you with the life of Buddha. You can choose to know any of the phases of Buddha's life by asking it about 'Early life', 'Mid life' and 'late life'. The purpose of telling about the life story is to make a better understanding of the transformation Buddha went through his journey of life that ultimately lead him to realization and enlightenment. The kind of questions Buddha is perplexed by in the childhood is a lot relatable to the never ending curiosity the kids have in their childhood phase too which the parents are not able to clarify out in the right way sometimes or it becomes too difficult for a child to comprehend.
If at any given point you are not able figure out what to do, you can ask for ‘help’ so that you can be guided with options to choose from such as meditation, teachings or life of Buddha or quotes.
Also, if any point you are not feeling like doing the current activity or want to switch to some other, then you can say ‘skip’ so that you can start afresh from the activity you are willing to do at the moment.

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