Princess Trivia Game
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Princess Trivia Game

by Evelyn Roberts Brooks

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"Princess Trivia Game" is a fun guessing game for kids and adults, too, with 125 questions related to 65 different story princesses, including Disney Princesses as well as princesses from fairy tales, classic literature and movies. The questions are presented randomly, one at a time.

The player will receive one or more clues and hints about the princess's identity, and then will have 4 seconds to think of the princess's name before Alexa reveals the answer to the question "Who am I?" which is posed at the end of each trivia question in the skill. After being given the answer, the player is then given the option to continue playing the game and get another question.

"Name that Princess" is a trivia quiz for girls to play alone or with friends and family, and also for guests to play at baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties for princesses of all ages.

Some of the clues will be more challenging than others, and may stump the player, but Alexa will always give the correct answer, so the player can remember the response the next time that particular question comes around in the random presentation of trivia questions in this skill.

Message to parents and grandparents: All the princesses named in this skill are from family-friendly books, movies, animated television or video series, and classic fairy tales. The clues give additional information about each princess so you can readily find their movies and stories on Amazon to enjoy with your own princesses.

Sample questions you will hear when you play the "Princess Trivia Game" skill include:

~ "I can't tell you the name of my movie because that would tell you my name, too! I am one of the classic Disney princesses. My name means 'little ashes.' My first animated feature film was released in 1950. Who am I?"

~ "A dragon named Mushu is in my movie. Who am I?"

~ "I am the Turkish Sultan's daughter in a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale written in 1839 called 'The Flying Trunk,' which was inspired by the author's love of the flying carpets in The Arabian Nights stories. I don't actually have a name in the story, but can you guess what I am called?"

~ "I am the only Disney princess who is most often seen wearing pants, instead of dresses. Who am I?"

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To get started with the "Princess Trivia Game" you can say:

"Alexa, open Princess Trivia Game"
"Alexa, start Princess Trivia Game"
"Alexa, launch Princess Trivia Game"

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