Do you feel called to be a therapist? The therapist is in charge of enriching the lives of many people by helping to deal with depression, pressure, psychiatric disorder, anxiety that occur due to a situation. There are many pathways that are open to people who want to pursue careers in the field of therapy, some people may specialize in the field of therapy, some people may specialize in fields such as marriage or family guidance, other choose to work in social work, and other work in schools and other institutions. Study various types of therapists, educational requirements to become therapist, and ways to start a career in the field of therapy.

Knowing The Various Opportunity

All the therapists have the same willingness to help people by providing guidance, but there are various kinds of work included in this field. Consider the positions related to the following therapies. Some counselors help certain community groups in places such as schools and places of worship. How long does it take to become physical therapist, a mentor does not need special training to carry out the practice, but most of them do take certain courses to get a certificate.

Social workers have a master’s degree and are usually employed by an institution to work to help individuals or families who need guidance. Some social workers specialize in child guidance. Marriage therapists and families often have a private practice and provide therapy for couples alongside therapy for families and individuals. Physocologist have a Ph.D. degree and study a variety of major approaches to therapy, including behavioral, cognitive, humanitarian, and psychodynamic approaches and work individuals who suffer from depression and other disorders. Physiologist usually carry out physiological testing and provide therapy by conversing with their patients, but in most circumstances, psychologists cannot prescribe drugs or other medical intervention. The psychiatrist is actually a medical doctor who studies psychiatry after completing medical school. A psychiatrist usually conducts medical tests, prescribes mediation and works with doctors and other psychotherapists to develop programs or treatments for his patients.

The physical therapist will give overall advice about things that can affect the patients daily life, such as doing regular exercise and regulating a healthy weight according to your height and body shape. The suggestion was given the aim to change your lifestyle.

Discuss with many therapists. If you are determining the type of therapy that is right for you to find out through discussion with therapists who have chosen different career paths. Different types of therapists have different sets of skills and abilities. For example, psychologist spends time doing research on various types of therapy. Social workers are often in a situation that is full of emotion and acts as a mediator between the two parties in conflict. Observe various types of therapists to determine which is right for you. ask therapists about the pathways of education they have taken to reach their current position.

Plan For Career

Begin designing a plan for a career in the field of therapy. How long does it take to become physical therapist, some titles take years to reach and there is additional time to get the right job and establish a practice site. Once you know the common areas that interests you build a plan yourself. Get a bachelor’s degree. Whatever type of therapy you have decided to pursue, you must start the path by obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Consider taking a psychology major, and study science and humanity, because both fields have a role in the work of therapists. If you know for sure which graduate program you want to study, be sure to take all prerequisite course.

Postgraduate Degree

How long does it take to become physical therapist, if you want to be more expert you need to get a postgraduate degree? Register for a graduate program that will prepare you for the career you have chosen. Complete the master’s programme or Ph.D. Most programs will include classroom work, fieldwork, research, and supervised psychotherapy. Always remember your career goals while trying to reach your title. Choose classes that will help you learn as much as possible about the types of therapies you will follow.

Get The Clinical Experiences

The requirements for obtaining clinical experience surely depend on the degree you want to achieve, but in most circumstances, two years of work experience as a therapist in a private clinic or practice place are required before you can get permission. The experience must be at the postgraduate level and under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Clinical requirements are far more stringent for people who want to explore psychology and psychiatry.

Get The License

In addition to obtaining a master’s degree and clinical experience for at least two years, most areas for at least two years, most areas require therapists to pass the licensing exam. Find out about the exam requirements in your area to prepare yourself to follow and pass the exam. Update your license every year according to the rules in your area.

Work In Institutions

Look for a list of job openings for candidates who are at the level of your education and experiences in schools, public health clinics, hospitals, and other places that employ therapists. Work as part of group practice. Many therapists share office space together by utilizing the various fields of expertise they have to serve the needs of many clients. Find out where the practice is shared with you and contact them to find out if you are interested in joining them.

Establish You Own Practice Site

This is the last thing How long does it take to become physical therapist. As you increase your confidence and build relationships with clients, you may need to set up your own practice site, rent office space in buildings or meet clients in your home.

A house with a design that reflects your personality will certainly provide its own satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, if the furniture and other objects can be arranged to be in harmony with the design of your home. Decorative objects that are able to reinforce your character are not always struggling with the choice of furniture and colors of the wall. The mirror can also act as a focal point or attraction that can make anyone curious about it.

The Function Of Mirror

The mirror does not only function as a mirror. The unique design and character can also make a mirror decorative element that can beautify the room in your home. Mirrors placed certain angles in the room can give the impression of a room that looks more bright and airy. So, how to make the room in your house looks more beautiful with mirrors? Check out a few tips for choosing the following mirrors.

Determine The Mirror Size As Needed

The size of the mirror should you choose depends on the concept and the design of your home. If you love the minimalist design house, it’s good to choose a medium to large size mirror that is placed in the main room to make the impression of a room that looks bigger.if your house already has a relatively large area, beautify the room in your home with a medium size decorative mirror.

Choose the mirror frame colors that are in accordance with the ornaments around the room. When choosing a mirror as a room decoration, you must consider the factor of the harmony with the objects around it, such as walls, chair, tables, or another ornament placed in the mirror area. The choice of a mirror frame colors that are in harmony with the objects around it will create the eye-catching harmony. To be safer and suitable for all kinds of concepts, you can choose natural colored mirror frames such as brown, black, and silver.

How To Paint A Mirror Frame

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Sandpaper
  • Primer spray or acrylic
  • Paint spray or acrylic
  • Paint or foam brush

Place the paper on the mirror glass and tape it with a painter tape to prevent the paint from sticking to the mirror like one in The first thing that you have to do is prepare your frame is to wipe it with a cloth to remove residue or dust. If there is sticky residue, you can spray your cloth with a little vinegar or window cleaner. Do not use dust spray or wax because it can prevent paint and primers from sticking to your frame. If your frame has ornaments or another part, such as hooks or hinges, remove it, if you don’t want to be painted or you want to paint it in a different color. Before prioritizing and painting more, measuring, and cutting a sheet of paper to fit with the dimensions of the mirror glass, leaving 1/8 of an inch around each end. Place the paper on the glass and use the painter to stick the paper to the mirror. Make sure that the painter tape covers all glass mirrors without touching the frame.

Apply two layers of paint of your choice and let it dry. Apply your primer. Whether you use spray or brush technique. Apply two thin layers of primer one at a time. If you paint your frame in a dark color, like black, use the gray primer. If you paint your frame in bright colors, like white and your frame is dark use the primer white.

Choose The Mirror Shapes And Style

The shape and style of the mirror also contribute to the role of creating a character in your home. If you are a lover of vintage designs, an oval-shaped antique mirror that has ornaments on its frame can be chosen as an element to create a classic impression of the room. Conversely, if you prefer the contemporary design concept, the most appropriate way to reinforce the design is to put a circle or rectangular mirror in the main room of the house.

Choose Mirrors According To Room Needs

The mirror that you put in the main room is certainly not different from the makeup mirror or the mirror of your bathroom? For that, you need to adjust the mirror according to place and needs. A makeup mirror is commonly placed in someone’s room. The size of the makeup mirror also varies, some are half body size, there are also mirrors that can help us see the appearance of the whole body. When choosing a large makeup mirror placed in the corner of the room, we must know that the size of our room so the mirror does not make the room look more narrow. If the size of the room tends to be minimalist, rectangular or oval wall mirrors are the best choice.

Remove The Mirror From Dust Everyday

The mirror is very vulnerable to various kinds of dirty and dust. That is why we are recommended to clean it regularly. One way is to routinely clean dust from the mirror using a duster or dry cloth, especially on decorative mirrors that are usually placed in the living room or family room.

Keeping the mirror so that it looks clear is not a difficult thing. You can use the simple ingredients below to protect the mirror from dust attack. You can use white vinegar to clean the mirror. Mix the vinegar with warm water. Stubborn stains in the mirror will disappear with just one swipe.

After sending a job application letter, it doesn’t mean that you can breathe a sigh of relief. There still the next challenge that is more stressful, that is job interviews. Accepted to work is pride and achievement where prospective workers will be able to make money from the job, including giving pride if they are able to be accepted as a part of the prestigious and most desirable company team. It could be that you are graduated from a prestigious university with an impressive grade point average. But, can your appearance in answering any job interview question amaze them? So how you deal with the nervousness during a job interview, so you can convince the interviewer and be hired and desired the company?

Do The Preparation

Before fighting, find out who your opponents are in the detail. This preparation must also be done by employees who will face job interviews. Do research on the company that you are applying for. Get to know each product that is produced by that company, find out clearly the movement of the company to competitors who are rivals of the company. Knowledge is power, therefore, know what you can know and the more you know, the more you will feel confident and can answer every question that asked by the interviewer more calmly.


Memorizing answers is not a powerful way to overcome nervousness during a job interview. Exercise to answer each question calmly will be very helpful. The more practice often, the more you are ready to face the job interview. The practice of speaking in front of the mirror with good posture and also using eye contact will make you not tremble in front of the interviewer.

Think Of Conversation

Interview work really feels like a stressful session for prospective workers. Nervousness arises out of fear of saying things that are less pleasing or confused in expressing what is in the mind. Make your mind lighter by thinking about job interview like a conversation with someone you just know. The interviewer that you face is also an ordinary human. Who knows, they also feel nervous when interviewing you. they also need preparation too, right? Don’t forget to give smile and warm greeting for the interviewer.

Self Confidence

When receiving a call for a job interview, in fact, you have passed the screening of the first stage where your Curriculum Vitae has convinced them. However, to be more convincing about your abilities, they want to talk to you further. When you feel your self-confidence begins to weaken and make your hand shaking, put your hands on your lap, not on the table. When you are nervous, your breathing will be faster. If accompanied by a voice, do not be surprised if the sound will vibrate and will look nervous that increasingly radiated. Take a deep breath and take it out slowly before you enter the interview room. Do this repeatedly until you feel confident and calm.

The Body Posture

You need to pay attention to body posture during a job interview. Confidence looks physically from the way someone sits or stands. Try to sit with your shoulders straight and don’t bend. This method can also increase your confidence.

The Important Document

During a job interview, it is not uncommon for interviewers to ask for an original certificate that you have received as an attachment in your application letter. They want to ensure the authenticity and truth of the data they get. Prepare the document in one folder that you have put in the big bag that you will carry during the day of the job interview.

Consider The Interviewer As A Friend

To help you provide the best answer and be able to think more clearly, keep in mind that the interviewer is your friend, not the enemy or someone who rummaging about yourself. You can create a lighter and more relaxed atmosphere but still, be professional when doing job interviews.

Try to arrive 30 minutes earlier before the scheduled job interview with the interviewer. Take quite a time by inhaling and removing it through your mouth so you are more relaxed. Don’t let traffic make you late for the time schedule for job interviews that can reduce the interviewer’s assessment of you and you are considered unable to work with discipline.

Try to have your breakfast first if the interview is done in the morning or lunch first if the interview is scheduled during the day. Don’t let your stomach interfere with your important time. Choose the best wear that will give you the appearance of attracting the interviewer’s attention when he/she first see you physically. Take a rest at night will make your body more ready for your job interview.


Praying is one way you need to do it. You can get a sense of calm and confidence by praying. Express your desire to God for the work that is your passion. Whatever the result of the job interview, rest assured that is the best answer from God. When you don’t get the opportunity to work at the company, keep thinking positively that you are being prepared for the field of work. Stay optimistic that you will find a job that suits you and generate income that matches with your abilities and skills. Just believe that what will you get is the best from God. If you are failed it means that you must learn more, pray more, and try more.

Other than having a delicious taste, usually pastries have an attractive shape. The shapes are very diverse, ranging from round shapes, stars, hearts, or other funny and unique shapes. To make cookies with these shapes, of course, you need pastry molds. The pastry mold itself is usually made of metal or plastic. These are some various ways to form cookies.

Drop Cookies

In some countries, drop cookies can be interpreted as cookies formed with a spoon. Cakes that have been spooned can be placed directly on a baking sheet that has been smeared with margarine. Even though the surface of this pastry looks rather messy, the pastries are still nice and delicious. A variety of pastry recipes that use a mixture of chocolate chips, dried coconut, and beans often use the method of forming this one of cookie.

Pressed Cookies

Cake syringe, it’s more or less the housewives know how to form this one cake. According to the definition of the syringe in the dictionary, the word syringe can be interpreted as pastry printed from a mixture of sugar, flour, eggs, and other ingredients and then printed with mold in the form of a funnel with a patterned edge, such as a star. In the present, you can make syringe cakes using a triangular plastic with a syringe tip. You can also use another kitchen utensils in the form of special tubes for pastry prints of various motifs at the ends.

Cutout Cookies

How to form cookies, this one is often practiced by housewives. The method is very simple and practical. The cookies mixture that has been mixed evenly is ground thin with the appropriate thickness. The milled mixture is then cut into pieces using various shapes of pastry molds. The more collections of prints that you have, the more pastry motif that you can create.

How To Choose Cookies Mold

Even though there are many pastry molds that look cute but not everyone can use them perfectly. Therefore, we will explain how to choose the right cookie mold for you. so, we will explain to you how to choose the right cookie mold for you. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each material. There are two materials commonly used as cake mold, namely metal, and plastic. You need to pay attention to the characteristics of each material. Whether it’s easy to clean, easy to use for children, and etc. Knowing the advantages and the disadvantages of cooking mold will make you know the best of a cooking mold for you.

Metal Mold

The metal cookie mold is the type that the most often found. This material is quite durable and it is not easily deformed even it falls or collides. Besides being able to be used as cake mold, metal molds are also suitable for punching or cutting other foods in complex shapes because the metal can cut sharply. Because of this sharpness, metal can be used to print carrots and potatoes easily enough so that, you can use them to make interesting supplies. However, the metal is easily corroded if stores in a damp place or not dried after washing. Metals also have a fairly sharp surface so you have to be more be careful and pay attention to your child if used it.

Plastic Molds

Plastic cookies molds are designed to print characters or letters using separate parts that can be pressed like a stamp. With this mold, you can produce cookies with the same shape as those sold in stores. In addition, plastic molds are easy to use and safe for children. Although plastic molds are easy to wash, do not rush, and are easily stored. Plastic molds also have disadvantages. This mold cannot be used to print vegetables or hard food. Because it risks damaging the mold. Because of this, this material is more suitable for making cookies.

Tips To Choose The Cookies Mold

The shape of cookies is not only in the form of circles, hearts, or other simple forms but also in the form of complicated and detailed. However, cookies that use complicated cookies molds are more difficult to remove. So, when you want to choose the shape of the cake mold, you need considering first.

You can make the perfect piece of cake, but you need to pay attention to the thickness of the dough, the temperature of the room, the complexity of the cake. In addition, you have to choose a mold that has a slight curve and avoid sharp angled curves so that the shape of the cake can be perfect. The simple form that you are using, the fewer errors will occur. Therefore, for those of you will make large quantities of cookies, you need to choose prints with simple shapes that are easy to print.

How To Use The Cookies Press

If you love to make some variation of the shapes of cookies, now you can make cookies creations in various forms with cookies press. The cookies press that you can use consists of many kinds of shapes so it can be varied in various funny and interesting forms. Equipped with a press tool, it is very suitable to make cookies in large quantities.

This cookies mold is equipped with a clear cylindrical tube. The cylindrical tube serves to place the dough while seeing the amount of dough used it easier. This pastry mold is designed with a very efficient grip shape to print the cookies.