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by bobbypt05

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Stars have a life cycle. As they age, they grow larger and eventually collapse under their own gravity. When massive stars collapse, they do so in a fiery explosion making them a supernova. As the mass that was held by them disperses, what remains is a small ball of mass. It is of the size of a city, but is extremely dense. In fact, neutron stars are one of the most dense objects. The gravitational pressure makes protons and electrons to become neutrons and make up for most of its density. A star rotates about its axis. When it goes supernova, it does lose a lot of its mass. However, in order to maintain angular momentum, it has to spin faster now [1]. Much faster. And when it does, it emits a blast of radiation along its magnetic field lines. When observed from earth, we see a pulsating beam of light. This is what gives birth to a pulsar.

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