Roomba 650 vs 860: Comparison and Review

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Nowadays, vacuums cleaners are incredibly convenient and helpful, making it a necessity in our daily lives. People now have more time to enjoy more quality time with their families, all thanks to this useful household equipment. Interestingly, it has evolved since it was first invented in 1912. Now, the modern models have multi-functional features and are more sophisticated and innovative in terms of its appearance and design.

The most advanced vacuums out on the market now belong to the line of robotic vacuums, which is an automatic vacuum equipped with an intelligent programming but unfortunately, comes with a limited cleaning system. In fact, iRobot is one of the leading brands in the industry, for having introduced a wide range of robotic vacuums since its establishment. Two of its most impressive robotic vacuums under the Roomba series is the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860, which we will compare and review in the following sections. Read on if you want to know more.

The Similarities of the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860

Given that the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860 belong to the same line offered by iRobot, they do have a lot of similarities. While these vacuums may not be as sophisticated as the modern models, they still do a stellar job when it comes to cleaning an average home. The canister design of these models make way for easier cleaning of surfaces including hardwood floors and carpets. To add, they are both suitable for use when you need to get rid of pet hair, thanks to the powerful filtration and suction capabilities.

As with other robotic vacuums in the Roomba series, both the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860 come with the AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, which helps get rid of dirt, hair, debris, and dust by up to 50% more. Plus, they also feature the iAdapt Navigation System, which enhances its cleaning performance, as well as prevents falls due to its sensors and software. While they have some similarities, you would notice that their differences make each one of them stand out on their own. Now, let’s talk about what sets them apart from each other.

The Differences Between the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860

Both the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860 have their own distinct qualities, advantages, and disadvantages and we are here to help you make a careful evaluation on which of these two gives you more value for your money.

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Customers nowadays are no longer satisfied with a product if it only comes with awesome features. Now, they are also considering the product’s overall design and visual appeal.

  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 is available only in black and it comes with a few buttons on its surface. Its design surely would attract a lot of customers and its dimensions are ideal for cleaning, as they cover even the hard to reach areas of your house, such as under the furniture and beds. To add, it is both lightweight and portable, so you would not have a problem with its smooth operation around your house.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860, on the other hand, is available only in silver, making it a lot more elegant-looking. It is slightly larger than the Roomba 650 while having a different button organization. With these qualities, this robotic vacuum is quite an eye-catcher. To add, its dimensions are quite an advantage, as it can reach hard to access areas of your home.

Cleaning Capabilities

A vacuum cleaner’s cleaning capability is considered the most important feature you should look out for. It is the reason why you are buying one in the first place, right? If a certain vacuum does not meet your preferences and requirements, we do recommend that you look for an alternative. Now, let’s dig deeper into the differences between these two models’ cleaning performance.

  • Roomba 650 – While having smart features, the Roomba 650 is likely to miss a few spots while operating. Therefore, it would be wise to activate the Virtual Wall feature, which limits the area where this vacuum runs. It is also noteworthy that you should keep an eye on it, as it can get stuck under the furniture. Another drawback would be its poor navigation system. Because it is vulnerable to obstacles that are on its way, we do suggest that you clear the floor first before you operate this machine. On the upside, however, is that it comes with the 3-Stage Cleaning System and it can certainly do wonders on your floor, whatever type it may be.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860 has 5x more cleaning power than that of the Roomba 650. Why? Because it features an improved sensing capability, a concentrated cleaning, and it has 3x more battery life than the Roomba 650. With these features alone, you can assure that it can operate with only minimal mistakes. This robotic vacuum will also be able to handle picking up dust, dirt, and pet hair on different surfaces. Just like the Roomba 650, it also has the Virtual Wall feature, which allows a more concentrated cleaning. The Roomba 860’s biggest drawback, unfortunately, is that it may be challenging to cover hard to reach areas of your house, considering that it has a circular design.
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Battery and Power

Another important factor to consider when choosing a robotic vacuum is its battery life and power. Now, the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 860 have major differences, given that they both use different technologies. The Roomba 860 uses Lithium-Ion batteries, making it last longer than the Roomba 650, which uses Ni-MH batteries.


  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 uses the AeroVac technology, which effectively uses airflow to pull hair and debris off its brushes, as well as guide the dirt and dust back into the bin. This feature is incredibly useful, as you will not be required to empty the bin frequently.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860, on the other hand, has a more powerful suction power compared to the products under Roomba’s 600 series. It also features a debris extractor, a feature you will only see on expensive robotic vacuum cleaners. This feature makes it possible for the vacuum to break down pet hair and debris, so you would never again have to deal with jams and tangles.

Consumer Feedback and Ratings

  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 has received generally favorable reviews and feedback from actual buyers, with 71% who gave it a 5-star rating. Most of them are quite satisfied with the vacuum’s performance when they relate it to its price. Most households also love this robotic vacuum, as it does not make so much noise. A downside, however, is that it received several complaints because it tends to get stuck a lot.
  • Roomba 860 – The Roomba 860 also received good reviews, with 65% of the customers who gave it 5 stars. Some did mention that it is the best robotic vacuum cleaner they have ever purchased and they were very satisfied with their investment. While it received a lot of praises due to its outstanding cleaning performance, some reviews complained about its poor performance when it comes to handling pet hair.


Now that we have learned each of Roomba 650 and Roomba 860’s individual features, pros, and cons, it is now up to you to decide which one gives you more value for your money. While the Roomba 650 is good in its own way, we do recommend the Roomba 860, as it has a lot more to offer than the other model.

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