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My Comic The BOOnana Tail Halloween Special #1 is NOW available on @comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! #cXSubmit

Boonana Tail Halloween Special #1 Review

Veteran creator Mark McKenna has published a couple of delightful "Banana Tail" children's book over the years, and now gives his creation, a monkey with a banana for a tail, a true comic book treatment in the form of "Boonana Tail Halloween Special." This anthology consists of five new stories featuring his character and his cast of friends all with mild and innocently spooky themes

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Wanting to find the new BOOnana tail Halloween Special but don't know where to look?

Try the Comic Shop Store Locator app and find where your local comic shops are and ask them to order the 32 page "All Ages" comic book. Pick from any one of three covers!!!

>>> comic shop locator



The Boonana Tail Halloween Special is a compilation of short stories written and drawn by some of today's top comic book creators! A 32 page fun-filled, all-ages extravaganza featuring the yellow-tailed monkey and his best friends Reena and Tic Tac!

Order it now in time for Halloween or contact your local comic book store for this fun and exciting story.

The Banana Tail Limited Edition Portfolio...

Six beautiful 11 x 17" prints of your favorite monkey on 80 lb "Porcelain Eco Silk Cover Stock". The artist prints were created from one-of a-kind illustrations and the artists hand chosen by me because of their wonderful talent in the comics or illustration communities.

The prints come in a beautiful printed envelope in an extremely LIMITED, SIGNED and NUMBERED (to 100) or basic unsigned set.

The Limited set will be available May 1st. The basic set is available NOW!!! Click here to purchase today!

Banana Tail now a star on You Tube! Check it out!

You tube Banana Tail Banana Tail has recently been added to youtube. Come on over and enjoy the world of Banana Tail Online.

Click here for Banana Tail video

Donation to library

Nice new article with Banana Tail creator Mark McKenna in the Niagra Gazette last week. Mark donated a set of Banana Tail books to a library up there.

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Graphic Novels, Comic Books & the Art of Visual Storytelling

The old adage, "A picture speaks a thousand words," was at play in The Writers Circle's latest Speaker Series workshop, Graphic Novels, Comic Books & the Art of Visual Storytelling, held on Sunday afternoon, January 15, at Sages Pages Bookstore in Madison, NJ. Click here to check out the workshop today!

Where are they now?

I was recently featured in thein the Suffolk County News. The article shows more insight about me including my early days of childhood and comics careerClick here to check out the article today!
Top Banana! W.O.S Exclusive Interview with Mark McKenna!

Have you ever wanted to know about myself and Banana Tail. Now you can as I was recently interviewed on World of Superheroes.

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Banana Tail Digitalphone?  Ipad?  Ipod?
You can now own an app for the new Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure to reread over and over again and again!

Dont be the only one without a digital application in your jungle! Now on sale for $1.99

Get it here today

I want to thank The Lenape Elementary School for having me as a guest for Author Day. The 5th grade rocked and asked great questions and were extremely enthusiastic.

For you...Heres a link to the Banana trailer you could not see in class...THANKS! (click here to view)

A Recent Testimonial

Great Neck North Highschool The draw of this book for me and my kids is its hybrid nature of traditional children's books and comic books. The mixture of expository text to explain an illustration and speech balloons/sound effects works really well. That's what seems to separate this project from others. The characters are so good, the world Mr. McKenna has created so vivid and full, that Banana Tail deserves the attention that other, less attractive, less quality books currently enjoy. I've read enough children's books to my own kids for the last five years to know that Banana Tail is so far above the quality of most of them. The lessons are SO worth teaching over and over again. In only the few Banana Tail books to hit stores alone, my kids have learned to be happy with themselves and embrace what makes them different, and to tell the truth when they make a mistake and deal with the consequences. After two or three readings, the kids really understood and began applying these lessons. Every children's library should, nay MUST, include Banana Tail!

Scott Honig
High School English Teacher
Great Neck North High School
Father of two, Raia - age 4 1/2 and Judah - age 2 1/2

Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure

Banana Tail CoversON SALE NOW!!!!

The 3rd book (2nd storybook) in the ongoing series of the little monkey and his friends, BANANA TAIL'S COLORFUL ADVENTURE is available for the 1st time in GLORIOUS FULL COLOR 3D CGI hard cover edition...

For the 1st 100 books there will be a remarked/signed and numbered edition includes priority shipping for $25.

Paypal, check or U.S. Money Order!

Click here to purchase the book today!

A fan letter from a fan of the NEW Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure

Fan LetterNicolas has sent in a wonderful fan letter and As always, I really do appreciate the letters and comments for the new Banana Tail's book. Please continue to send in your fan letters and comments. Who knows, they might even be published on the home page of the website.

Below you can click to read the latest fan letter from Nicolas that I just received. Thanks Nicolas!

Click here to to read the latest fan letter!

Going Bananas: Mark McKenna Discusses Banana Tails

Going BananasJohn Hogan of the Graphic Novel Reporter contacted me about doing an interview for the new Banana Tail's Colorful Adventures, which should be shipping very soon. Enjoy!

Check out the interview today!!!

Banana Tail Interview on Crucial Taunt

Crucial Taunt"I met Mark Allen Haverty on Facebook. I was heading on vacation to Vermont at the end of last Summer and really knew nothing about Vermont. Mark Allen, who writes monthly for Wizard Magazine lives in Vermont and was kind enough to tell me all the points of interest that I should see when visiting. I remembered his kindness and then saw Mark again at a New York Comic Con and reminded him that he was helpful during my Vermont visit. Well, his kindness continues as he now helps me support Banana Tail with an interview for his own Crucial Taunt website. Rock on, Mark Allen!"

Click here to read the interview on crucial taunt today!

Hi BTail fans!

HI BTail FansI was fortunate enough to have a long time buddy of mine, Augie DeBlieck, who happens to write for Comic Book Resources do a new interview with me spotlighting, The Return of Banana Tail (to print). There may be some things that you dont know about our little monkey pal, so brush up...the quiz is coming next!

Click here to read the interview

Banana Tail's Colorful Adventures Interview on Comics Bulletin

Banana Tails Facebook Fan Club Page"OK, so you know the new Banana Tail's Colorful Adventures is coming, so its time to start reading about the new book came together with a brand new interview for Comics Bulletin..."

Click here to read the interview


Volume 2AFTER 4 years of waiting....
The ALL NEW BananaTail's Colorful Adventure "Young Readers" story book is REALLY HERE!

Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure has been a year in the making and is finally ready to be ordered through February's Diamond Previews catalogue who stock comic shops around the country and even around the world. Its ships in April but is available for pre-order through Previews right now and also available through Amazon - click here.

In July it will be made available through all the major book store chains, so if you don't see it, can't find it and want it tell your bookstores to order it. You will also be able to purchase the book through the order page on this web site, when it becomes available.

With the release of Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure a new direction in children's books has been developed. A 3D computer generated "young readers" graphic novel. This is not your Mom or Dad's picture book. Think "Finding Nemo" or "Up" with a trio of young animal friends in a jungle.

The art was lovingly created by Steve Akehurst and his 4th Armada crew, all of who are professors/teachers down at Full Sail University. Written by Banana Tail creator Mark McKenna and published in a hard cover format by Image Comic's Silverline Books.

Banana Tails Volume 2 Banana Tails Volume 2 Banana Tails Volume 2

Click here to check out more information on the latest for Banana Tail's Colorful Adventure

Introducing the All New...Banana Tail Fan Club page on Facebook!

Banana Tails Facebook Fan Club PageIf you are on Facebook or were looking to get on Facebook, here is a great reason to get involved!

Have something to say about Banana Tail? Want to read what other fans have to say? Interested in seeing exclusive Banana Tail art and information on the upcoming book? Come join the hundred plus fans(and growing fast!) on the ever popular site. See whats (banana) shaking in the World of Banana Tail!

Click here to join Banana Tails Facebook page today!

Meet Banana Tail and His Friends Kids Only! Contact Us Buy the Book
Meet the Cast! Kids Only! Contact Us Buy Banana Tail Stuff!
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