War of the Spark Set Review with Ali Aintrazi
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Judges List Confirms Zendikar Treasure


This was just sent out to the Judges list, it confirms the rumors beyond a shadow of a doubt! Thanks to @power9pro and @fotolorea for the tip!

Events have begun in Japan, so Zendikar is [O]fficially upon us.

Rather than answer questions piecemeal, and to give you the tools you need in your role as the talkers in your communities, here is the complete rundown of what I can say in regards to Zendikar...

Q: I heard that there are vintage cards in Zendikar boosters - is it correct?

A: Yes, certain authentic vintage cards have been inserted in some booster packs for Zendikar.

Q: Are the vintage cards real? Or are they reprints?

A: These cards are actual original cards, not reprints.

Q: How many vintage cards are in the set?

As a general policy, we don't disclose collation for a given card set. There are over 90 different vintage cards.

Q: Why did Wizards insert vintage cards in Zendikar boosters?

A: The cards fit the game play and theme of the Zendikar set which is about 'deadly perils and priceless treasures'.

Q: Which vintage cards did you insert?

Consistent with the game play and theme of the set, we included some of the most powerful cards in Magic's history.

Q: Can I play these vintage cards in a tournament?

A: These vintage cards retain their current status in the tournament environment. They are allowed in certain organized play formats that can be found on

Q: Are vintage cards inserted in all Zendikar boosters? Including reprints?

Vintage cards, like all cards in Magic, are not available in all packs. We do not disclose collation information.

Q: Are vintage cards inserted in Magic Online Zendikar boosters?

No. No vintage cards are inserted in Magic Online Zendikar boosters.

To recap:

Yes, vintage cards are in boosters. Yes, they're originals, not reprints.

No, you can't play in your limited Zendikar event with pre-Zendikar cards.

No, we can't talk about which cards, how many have been inserted, or where they came from.

Yes, the MTR already covers this somewhat new situation (foil Lightning Bolts in Nemesis, anyone?).

If someone opens a "priceless treasure," they should keep it and enjoy. The truck with the "deadly perils" boxes had a horrific accident, so the only deadly perils this weekend are the traps across the table from you. ;-)


DCI Judge Coordinator

Wizards of the Coast

Organized Play

We pulled this email contents from a post on MTGSalvation here.