Follow Friday: Drink The Koolaid!

Oh boy, oh boy ladies and balls, am I looking forward to this normal, birthday-free weekend with no houseguests and nothing but me, my family, my jammies and some movies. I hope your plans are just as pleasing to you as mine are to me.

This week you need to check out this new YouTube channel (likely soon to be demonetized, but great nonetheless). It was brought to my attention by @Vegeta8300 when he sent me a link to this video to check out:

I found myself chuckling the entire way through, and immediately went on to watch the rest of Holy Koolaid’s work. I was not disappointed. This guy is talented, hard working and totally deserves your attention and subscription. Be a good little heathen and sub to his channel here. Tell him GM sent ya.

I also want you to check out PhillyD, who probably needs no introduction and you’re probably all subbed to him already, but I wanted to give a shoutout to him for standing up for free speech and being the voice of creators in this latest debacle from YouTube. Many of his videos have been demonetized due to violations of the YouTube community guidelines. The rules he violated sound more like a diapered baby sniffling because he isn’t getting his way… vulgarity? sexual jokes? political conflict? I mean, essentially YouTube is saying we can’t put ads on our videos unless we’re talking about puppies and kittens while staring blankly into the camera. People like Philip DeFranco make their living off YouTube, and it’s entirely unfair and uncool to just fuck with their income on a whim like that. PhillyD is vocal about this trend that has seen people kicked off of important networks for the things they say. Follow him and show your support for the fight for our online freedom of speech. His videos are great, and he’s a godless heathen just like you and me.

Follow Philip DeFranco here: @PhillyD

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