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ComfortSystems is here to help whether you are buying, selling, renting, managing or adding utility service to your home. Here you will find information regarding starting and stopping service, as well as making changes to your current account.

Below is a list of a few basics to help you in opening or closing an account:

  1. Access into a property is always required whenever services are being restored
  2. Some properties may require access to shut off a water service, this depends on how the water line is installed
  3. If an appointment is made that requires access, but we are unable to gain access there will be a fee when the appointment is rescheduled.
  4. Starting or stopping services cannot be scheduled for a weekend or a government holiday

Select this option if you are either looking to start/turn on a new service.

This option is typically for customers who...

  • have just moved into a new home or apartment
  • have existing service and wants to put additional service in their name
  • wants to continue service at a vacant rental property
  • is a new ComfortSystems customer

This option is typically for customers who are...

  • moving
  • changing roommates
  • changing names on the account due to marriages, divorces, etc.
  • all other current account changes

Select this option if you need to close an account and/or shut off service.

Select this option if you want to get gas service installed to your property.
This option is typically for customers who...

  • have propane or non-gas fuel source and want to switch to natural gas
  • are building a new home
  • want to relocate or reroute gas lines on their property

24 Hour Emergency Numbers

Street, Water, Sewer:


Natural Gas:


811 - Know what's below. Call before you dig.

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