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Optical products require very tight tolerences for the surface coating, whether if be plating, anodizing or painting. These coating serve a variety of function such as matt finished, color tone tolerence, cosmetic, texture and coating thickness. The coating are often critical to the function and performance of the products. ATC is a specialist in customized lines for tight tolerance anodizing, blueing, plating and painting in high production.

Process Specification Process Classification
Anodizing MIL-A-8625 Type I
(Class 1 & Class 2)
Type II
(Class 1 & Class 2)
Type III
(Class 1 & Class 2)
Chromate Conversion MIL-C-5541/
Surtec 650
Blueing N.A N.A.
Powder Coating N.A. Epoxy Powder Coating
Polyester Powder Coating
Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating
ESD Powder Coating
Spray Painting MIL-PRF-23377 High Build Tar Free Epoxy Coating
High Solids Aliphatic/Aromatic Polyester Polyurethane Coating
Polyurathane Coating
ESD Paint