Fuck Was I, Bloomington, 2017

Fuck Was I

Fuck Was I

Fuck Was I

A project by Stefano W. Pasquini

Curated by Raphael Cornford  & William Bass

Fuck was I is the title of a song by Jenny Owen Youngs, a singer/songwriter that I first encountered on an advert on MySpace. MySpace was the Facebook before Facebook, in case you didn’t know. All I can remember was this picture of a nice young girl, smartly dressed, crossing the road in a slightly unbalance movement. I looked for the image on the net and I couldn’t find it anymore. I think it was 2007, o something around that time.

Anyway, I clicked on the banner and this really heartwarming song starts, with the sweet notes of a cello playing. The words are harsh: “love grows in me like a tumor”. Ten years on I still love that tune so much that it’s still my alarm clock song, and I decided I should title an exhibition that way.

Join us Friday 10/6 for Stefano W. Pasquini’s Fuck Was I. This series of works is based in anagrams inspired by Jenny Owens Youngs‘ 2003 MySpace™ hit “Fuck was I,” iterated through various and electic media including locally sourced rock, paintings stolen by Italian customs agents, drawings, collages, video, zines, and large inkjet/fabric flags.

As always, come prepared for camaraderie, refreshments, and warm conversation among friends and new faces alike.

Stefano W. Pasquini (b. 1969, Bologna, Italy) is a writer, curator, and contemporary artist based in Italy. His work has been shown across the globe in numerous solo and group exhibitions. More information can be found at www.stefanopasquini.net

Noise Gallery
605 North Fairview Street, Bloomington
Indiana 47404-3775 USA

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