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Game of Thrones S8 |OT2| Please do not post spoilers here - assume all episodes have been leaked - spoiler tag all future episode speculation

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Dec 4, 2018
I think people angry that others are saying mad queen dont seem to realise that people dont necessarely think she is or isnt "mad queen", just that the show / writers clearly wants her to be "mad queen" and this is how they do / show it.

Blame the hac...I mean writers.
Yeah this. The plot point is fine, it's the execution that isn't landing, at all. What a disappointment.
She has not lost it .
She just not willing to get fuck over any more.
The girl has lost most of here men , 2 dragons and a best friend since she get there and nothing to show for it other than stupid people .
She is threatening her most loyal advisors, burning people alive, and willing to kill thousands of innocent people.

She has lost it in my opinion.
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