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About Us

Hello and Welcome. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation who is dedicated to fostering and promoting the musical arts, encouraging the continuance of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade, and to donate our time, talents and resources to and for the Bucks County community and other local non-profit organizations.




Who We Are

The Uptown String Band is a participant of the Philadelphia Mummers Parade of the String Band Division based in Parkland, Pennsylvania. We are a fully volunteer organization comprised of nearly 200 individuals with our history dating back to 1937. We strive to bring the cheer and joy of the distinct mummers sound and the profound pageantry of sequined and plumed costumes.

Our goal is simple – to share the mummers experience, one of Philadelphia’s most unique and storied traditions, through personalized performances for individuals, companies, and any town’s event that is looking for a one of a kind affair. While our vision is noble, we support our cause with the reliability of over 80 years of experience in mummery and the professionalism of nearly 50 performances in a given a year.

Our passion stems from the commitment we have to our tradition, our identity as a family, and the pride we share as the only mummers organization based in the Bucks County area. As a non-profit organization that is managed by a 100% volunteer membership, all of our funds generated from performances, hosting local events, and rental services at Uptown Hall go entirely towards our New Year’s Day production in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade and operation expenses.

The Uptown String Band is always looking for new opportunities to share the mummer’s tradition with new audiences and is constantly on the search for new volunteers of varying talents and skill sets. If you are looking for more information about Hiring the Band or renting Uptown Hall, please check out their respective pages. For those of you who are interested in reading more or joining, see our History or Join Us pages.


Executive Board

Thor McLaughlin


Rob Fleig

Vice President

Justin Buffington

Recording Secretary

Julie Leinhauser


Tasha Hamill

Financial Secretary

Caitlin Jordan

Business Manager

Devon Hindman

Publicity Director

Josh Buffington


Mary Stahlhuth

Chief Marshal

Stephen Caldwell

Captain & Drill Director

Nick Franks

Music Director

Kade Radcliffe

Junior Representative

Jamie Caldwell


Dominic Diodata