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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Digistore24
Digistore24 works to the highest EU privacy and security standards. What's more, we go the extra mile so that your company and your customer data are best protected.
Therefore, several leading employees - including the managing director - are certified data protection officers by Austrian Standards.
To learn more, check our data privacy agreement and contact our data protection team via

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The service of Digistore24 has been tested and awarded multiple times. Our quality is our best marketing strategy. Discover it yourself.

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What our customers say about us

  • I can say that compared to it's competitors, Digistore24 is absolutely in mint condition. It's much easier, the processes are much cooler and it's features are much better. All in all Digistore24 is helping our business growth enormously.

    Rainer von Massenbach

  • I'm very happy and thankful to have Digistore24 as my partner for our business, because Digistore24 helps us so much with all the processes and the technical side of our online business.

    Mara Stix

  • Digistore24 has helped me to gain success, because I've been listed on the first place of its' most popular products for ten months starting January 2015. This has also led to me being well-known.

    Oliver Schmuck

  • A few years ago this wasn't even remotely possible to manage a lot of customers at the same time, but thanks to Digistore24 today I'm able to move large volumes on my own.

    Marcel Schlee

  • In time Digistore24 has turned into such a useful tool that we can no longer imagine working without it.

    Christoph Schreiber

  • Digistore is the platform with the most useful functions you can find on the German-speaking market. In general the statistics are very good. But I also love the full integration of Klick-Tipp, which is the most important reason to use Digistore24.

    Marc Schippke

  • We have been using Digistore24 since 2013 and we're very pleased. I'm totally recommending it to all of my customers.

    Thomas Klußmann

  • Digistore24 is always on time and the numbers are always working out. Their accounting is very good and the support is exceptional. And secondly: The conversion rate is excellent!

    Said Shiripour

Why Digistore24?

You want to advertise products / services:

  • As your retail partner, we take care of your accounting, invoicing, product delivery, conversion optimization & sales partner management.
  • Complete online business solution
  • Risk free: no setup fee
  • Detailed statistics
  • Individual solutions for your online business

You advertise products / services:

  • As one of the greatest affiliate networks, we're featuring our constantly updated marketplace including the most sales-boosting products in this industry.
  • Secure payment by us as trustee
  • Full overview with Digistore Analytics
  • Last cookie wins
  • More sales thanks to steadily optimized conversions

The Digistore24 Customer Experience

The customer sees an advertisement and clicks

Reaching your sales page and developing a desire to buy

He buys using the optimized Digistore24 order form

And receives his product delivery from Digistore24

Increasing sales due to responsive and conversion optimized order forms

Use videos, testimonials, warranty seals and customized designs. Adopted for all platforms and constantly optimized for higher Conversions.

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How does it work?

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    to Affiliates

Digistore24 satisfies your needs

Individually tailored for you

You get an online sales process completely tailored to your needs: Corporate design, individual membership and payment-by-instalment models, partner commissions or e-tickets. We will customize our system to your suggestions.

Time-saving and easy to use

The retail model of Digistore24 saves both time and money. Being easy to set up, thanks to Digistore24 you don't have to worry anymore about tasks like invoicing, integration of payment providers, WordPress setup, VAT and Partner Management, and much more.

Connect popular providers

Surely you want to use the best tools for your online business. At Digistore24 we therefore maintain great ties with popular providers such as Klick-Tipp, Digimember, Active Campaign and Infusionsoft, so you can work together with the best.

Everything you need to know at one glance


Right after the login, you get a quick overview of what you really want to know: Sales, Upsells, Promo-Clicks, Earnings per click or your products cancelation quota – everything at one glance. We can display your earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, listed or in a chart. Additionally you will see immediately which products and affiliates generate the highest revenues. Everything available just after your login.

Transaction list

The transaction list gives you a quick real-time overview of all processes including all necessary customer data. You have access to Transaction-ID, Order-ID and Product-ID, you're able to instantly check the customer's data and you can see the transaction sum or payment method. Sort your transaction after your fancy, for example looking for affiliates or trackingkeys, or use our flexible query form and find the information you need right now. It's quick and easy to use.


Our extensive statistics grant you a perfect overview of relevant data such as: Conversions, EPC, EPV, promo clicks, customer value and much more. Therefore you always know where you're heading and how to improve your conversion rates.


Our vendors / advertisers are able to present and offer their own products on the Digistore24 marketplace. Our affiliates / publisher will see all relevant information about those products at one glance: Conversion rate, earnings per sell, cancellation rate and more. This way they easily find the right fit for their marketing mix and both sides are winning. All easy and comfortably done on Digistore24's marketplace.

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