Riedel Swan Decanter Review

Riedel Swan Decanter
Riedel Swan Decanter

The Riedel Swan Decanter is a hand-made and hand blown wine decanter that has been made in the shape of a swan. It is a popular design with customers who like the elegant lines of the swan’s neck. The body of the swan holds the wine while the tail is where you pour the wine into the Riedel decanter.

It is easy to hold too as the curve of the glass provides an easy and relaxed grip for pouring. The body of the swan where the wine is held is suitably wide so as to ensure the wine is allowed to ‘breathe’ and develop to its potential best. The design is completely functional while at the same time presents as a unique artistic creation.

Anyone looking for a quality gift for a wine aficionado will appreciate the qualities of this Riedel decanter and you can expect it to provide much appreciation to the recipient for many years to come.

Features of the Riedel Swan Decanter

Design – an elegant wine decanter crafted into the shape of a swan’s neck, body and tail
Capacity – you can pour one standard bottle of wine into the decanter
Height – is 23 5/8 inches high so will look quite impressive on a dinner table
Materials – 24% lead crystal is used so that premium radiance, sparkle and clarity is achieved to match the elegance of the design
Pour Spout – is drip resistant for easy drip free pouring
Fill Spout – is wide so that it is easy to pour wine into the decanter
Cleaning – because of the lead crystal, it is recommended the wine decanter is washed by hand for best results


Measures: 9.2 x 5 x 23.5 inches
Weighs: 3 pounds
Item No: 2007/2

Riedel Swan Decanter_Pouring
Pouring wine from the Riedel Swan Decanter

What’s Great About the Riedel Decanter?

  • Stunning piece of workmanship
  • Sparkles and glistens in the light, particularly a spotlight
  • Very special decanter
  • Elegant piece of glassware
  • Makes an excellent gift for someone who appreciates good wines
  • Made from hand blown glass crystal

What’s Not So Great

  • No negative feedback to date

Customer Feedback and Reviews

A few customers have left feedback for the Riedel Swan Decanter and they give it a perfect rating. The features that impress them most relate to its construction and appearance. All customers love the shape of the decanter as well as how it looks when presented on a dinner table underneath a spotlight. Their response was always appreciative of the stunning glass work. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The best price I’ve found for this beautiful decanter is online, you can check for the lowest price here. Customers recognize that this wine decanter is a standalone item of artistic beauty, as well as a functional decanter that can present a good wine to its best advantage. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it to discerning wine lovers and anyone looking for an exceptional gift.

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Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner’s Choice Decanter Review

Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner's Decanter
Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner’s Decanter

The Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner’s Choice Decanter is an elegant, yet traditionally designed decanter. The shape of the neck, as it widens out, provides excellent aeration and the traditional wide shaped bottom, will prevent spillage. This is one of the most popular produced by Ravenscroft and is handmade in Europe from lead-free crystal. The stopper makes an attractive, yet functional addition. While the design is traditional, one user felt that the addition of the stopper provided a more contemporary touch. Customers love the decanter for its beauty as well as its excellent decanting and aeration abilities. Ultimately, it is another elegant piece of handmade crystal from Ravenscroft which will add a touch of elegance to any setting.


Features of the Ravenscroft Vintner’s Choice

  • You will receive one wine decanter with a glass stopper
  • It is made from lead-free Crystal
  • Comes gift boxed
  • Washing by hand is recommended to ensure premium care and longevity

The Ravenscroft Decanter makes an excellent choice as gift for someone who appreciates the subtleties of fine wine. The shape ensures its functionality while the design is traditionally elegant. In terms of actual decanting, the shape allows for easy pouring from the wine bottle, into the decanter. Wine will flow down the sides, all the way around the decanter, aerating it beautifully.

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 11 inches Weight – 5 pounds Item model number – W2737 Manufacturer: Ravenscroft


  • Reduces the tannins and mellows the flavors of red wines
  • It holds a bottle of wine with plenty of room to aerate
  • It pours perfectly
  • The design is beautiful
  • Excellent quality
  • The ball stopper makes it more contemporary looking


None were found with relation to the product itself. However, one customer opened the box to find her decanter shattered twice. This is more a packaging and shipping issue rather than a fault with the decanter.

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers that have left reviews for the Ravenscroft Crystal Decanter give it an excellent rating. Most customers happily give it a perfect rating, however one unlucky customer experienced the disappointing experience of receiving a broken decanter twice and consequently rated it poorly, not really a review of the decanter itself but of the shipping experience. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Ravenscroft Decanter is currently available online at a great price. If you are eligible, it also comes with Free Shipping. To check for the most current price, you can find it here.


The Ravenscroft Crystal Vintner’s Choice Decanter comes highly recommended by customers who appreciate its functionality and beauty. It is another beautiful decanter, hand made by Ravenscroft in Europe and will look elegant in any location you choose to place it. More importantly, it will do a superb job of decanting and has excellent aeration abilities.

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Riedel Amadeo Decanter Review

Riedel Amadeo Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Decanter

The Riedel Amadeo Decanter was developed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Riedel Family and it is a truly stunning decanter. It is handmade and has been mouth-blown by artisan glass makers in Europe, to result in a completely functional, yet uniquely beautiful glass sculpture which will grace your table with its beauty – particularly when filled with a fine red wine.

No two of these Amadeo decanters are the same, just as good wines are not the same. Its functionality extends to include excellent aeration which will allow your wine to fully develop its flavor through the decanting process. It will decant one standard-size bottle of wine.

This Riedel decanter will add a special element to any environment it is placed in. Anyone who has an appreciation for fine wine and the decanting process will also appreciate the special qualities that contribute to the unique properties of this one of a kind decanter.

Features of the Riedel Amadeo Decanter


  • Very sturdy – you don’t need to worry about it tipping over
  • Beautiful crystal sculpture
  • Easy to pour
  • Mouth-blown and hand-made by skilled artisans


  • This decanter features sensuous curves in a U-shape with the pour spout graduating up to a delicate point
  • Space saving design
  • Unique and elegant


  • 59-ounce full capacity
  • Perfect for decanting a standard-size bottle of wine


  • Lead crystal adds clarity and brilliance to glass

These features ensure you receive a decanter that is not only unique, but beautiful and functional as well. In case you were wondering about a handle, one side of the U shape serves this purpose. The narrowest opening of the two, serves as the pouring mechanism.

Just out of interest, it is also named Amadeo, after and in honor of Mozart, whose music the decanter resembles in that it is lively and interesting. The Riedel Amadeo Decanter also makes a beautiful gift for a wine connoisseur who is also able to appreciate an innovative, yet functional modern design.Riedel Amadeo Decanter

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 15 inches
  • Weight – 2.8 pounds
  • Item model number: 1756/13
  • Manufacturer: Riedel


  • Beauty plus function equals perfection – the customer who offered this comment says it all quite simply
  • Excellent aeration
  • Effortless, precise dispensing of wine
  • Beautiful crystal sculpture


  • A couple of customers received cracked or scratched decanters

User Ratings

Customers that have left reviews for the Riedel Amadeo Decanter have given it an above average rating. Reviews are polarized with some giving high scores and some giving very low. There are customers that gave it a low review because they received a scratched or cracked decanter, but requested replacements. If you would like to see what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Riedel Amadeo Decanter is a stunning piece of workmanship and an excellent decanter which will provide good aeration to your wine. A majority of the customers have nothing but good things to say about it both in terms of function and beauty. They have no hesitation in recommending it as an excellent purchase, either for yourself or as a special gift to someone who has an appreciation for fine wine.

Ravenscroft Crystal Ultra Magnum Decanter Review

The Ravenscroft Crystal Ultra Magnum Decanter is a practical wine decanter that is able to hold a magnum of wine or alternatively, three regular sized bottles. It is the largest of the Ravenscroft decanters and suitable for occasions where a decanter for more than a small intimate group is required. In addition to its size, it also features a low neck and a beveled opening.

Ravencroft Ultra Magnum Decanter
Ravencroft Ultra Magnum

It also has a wide bottom that is well weighted so that aeration of a large volume of wine is possible while sediment can comfortably rest on the bottom. The shape is pleasing and complemented by the use of quality lead free crystal, resulting in an attractive piece of glassware to grace a dinner table.

Like other quality wine decanters, the Ravenscroft decanter makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys entertaining while enjoying quality wine. Even though its size is larger than a regular decanter, customers appreciated the value and quality of the wine decanter and found it to be a welcome addition to their dinner tables.

Features of the Ravenscroft Decanter

Design – a Ravenscroft decanter suitable for holding a magnum of wine
Suitable For – anyone who requires an attractive, quality wine decanter suitable for a larger gathering.
Capacity – 87 ounces which is the equivalent of three standard bottles of wine or one magnum
Shape – a classic decanter shape known as a ‘Captain’s Shape’ which features a wide bottom and slender neck. The shape is ideal for effectively aerating wine so as to bring out its full flavor. It also allows for the sediment to settle over the wide bottom, effectively separating it from the body of the wine.
Materials – lead free crystal that is of good quality, attractive and durable.
Cleaning – it is recommended that the decanter be hand washed and it is worth noting that customers found cleaning beads to be effective in providing a thorough clean.


Measures: 10.5 x 10.5 x 12 inches
Weighs: 5 pounds
Item No: W3659

What’s Great About the Ravenscroft Decanter?

  • Large size
  • Weighted correctly
  • Easy to fill
  • Wide bottom
  • Good quality
  • Attractive appearance
  • Reasonably priced

What’s Not so Great

  • A couple of customers felt it doesn’t pour well

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers that have left feedback for the Ravenscroft Crystal Ultra Magnum Decanter give the decanter an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its size, quality, functionality, weight, attractive appearance as well as its price. They also like the shape, not just for its appearance, but for its effectiveness in aerating the wine so as to release its full flavor.

A couple of customers fell that it doesn’t pour very well and is likely to drip and splash while pouring. The majority of customers don’t have this problem and like the way it pours. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Ravenscroft Crystal Ultra Magnum Decanter is available online. You can check the latest price for it here. Overall, customers are impressed with this large Ravenscroft decanter and feel it meets their requirements for a large wine decanter. Even though a couple of customers feel it doesn’t pour well and is prone to splashing, the majority of customers are very happy with its performance and quality. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend it as a value for the money, large wine decanter.

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Riedel O Decanter Review

Riedel O Decanter
Riedel O Decanter

The Riedel O Decanter is a beautifully designed decanter and like most decanters from Riedel, this one is hand blown and made from leaded crystal. It is also part of the ‘O’ collection of tumblers. The decanter features an upward well which is the perfect size for placing one’s thumb in while pouring and acts to provide a ‘splay’ effect when wine is poured. This means that wine can be more fully oxygenated so as to release its bouquet. The upward well is also known as a punt.

From a functional perspective, the decanter has an angled lip so that wine is easy to pour and when held. The unique hold position of having the thumb inside the well and the remaining four fingers around the decanter is said to be a very stable position from which to pour and results in having a lot of control.

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Features of the Riedel O Decanter

    • It is designed to accompany Riedel’s popular “O” Series glassware
    • Uses lead crystal for brilliance and clarity
    • Produced by world renowned Austrian glass-makers
    • Will hold a 750 ml bottle
    • Should be hand washed for maximum care and protection


The primary benefit of having a decanter of this type is to oxygenate the wine. The ‘splay’ on the bottom of the decanter allows for this to happen so that your wine can be enhanced, allowing for older as well as younger wines to open up, breath and release their individual bouquets. This is said to assist the wine to reach its full potential and in this particular case, it is done in a fun way.

Product Details for the Riedel O Decanter

Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 6.2 inches
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Item model number: 1414 / 13


  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Pours easily
  • Excellent quality and value
  • Very functional


  • Size is deceptive – customers thought it was larger than it actually is

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers that have left reviews for the Riedel O Decanter have given it an excellent rating. Most of the reviewers rated the decanter with very high scores, indicating their satisfaction with the product. Comments from happy customers center around the decanter being functional, classy, beautiful, elegant, easy to handle, excellent quality, easy to pour and has a substantial feel. One customer thought the shape was a hindrance while pouring another complained about the difficulty with cleaning and drying the decanter.

Customers also like that it perfectly accompanies the “O” collection of stem-less glasses from Riedel as well as being a wonderful gift for someone who has a genuine appreciation for fine wines. To see more of what customers had to say about the decanter you can read the reviews here.


The Riedel O Decanter is available online at a competitive price, to check for the most current price, you can find it here. Customers have again proven to hold a genuine appreciation for a beautiful piece of hand-crafted lead crystal and based on their positive comments, recommend the decanter to others.


Riedel Cornetto Single Crystal Decanter – Review

Riedel Cornetto Wine Decanter
Riedel Cornetto

The Riedel Cornetto Single Crystal Decanter is a stylish and elegant piece of art which is made to resemble the graceful neck of a swan. It is also of course, a wine decanter made by Austrian glass blowers for Riedel who have hand sculpted full-lead crystal into a swan’s neck, managing to create an artistic and functional piece. As a decanter it is easy to hold and easy to pour from. As a creative piece of glass work, it is even easier to appreciate.

The mouth of the decanter has been cut on an angle so as to compliment the elegant arch of the swan’s neck. You are able to savoir your wine while at the same time savoring the beauty of the decanter. For brilliance and clarity, the decanter has been crafted from full-lead crystal.

Check Price and Availability

Features of the Riedel Cornetto Decanter

    • Elongated decanter
    • Crafted from full-lead crystal for clarity and brilliance
    • Mouth-blown in Austria by world-renowned glassmakers
    • Exposes wine to oxygen for more developed bouquet and fuller flavours
    • Best washed by hand



From a functional perspective, the decanter provides a welcome benefit in that it can help to reduce sediment from forming in the bottom, however it will still allow various bouquets to form as a result of exposure to oxygen, which is after all, the reason for decanting.

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.8 x 12.8 inches
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Manufacturer: Riedel
Item model number: 1977 / 13


    • It will hold 26 ½ ounces of wine
    • Very easy to handle and hold
    • Very easy to pour from
    • Very lovely to look at


    • It can sometimes drip a little bit
    • It can take a little while to dry after being rinsed

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers that have left feedback for the Riedel Cornetto Decanter have given it an outstanding rating. While all ratings were favorable, a couple of concerns were raised. These were that sometimes the decanter can drip and it can also take a while to dry out inside, after rinsing. I’d recommend a decanter drying stand to help accelerate drying.

Overall, customers had an appreciation for the artistic value of the decanter as well as finding it easy to pour from, elegant, unique, practical and very easy to use. To see more of what customers have to say about the product, you can read the reviews here.


The Riedel Cornetto Single Crystal Decanter is available online and you can check for the most current price here. Customers love this decanter and as with other Riedel products they are able to appreciate its unique qualities as well as the handmade excellence that goes into producing Riedel lead crystal decanters. Customers are also aware of the combination of practical functionality and artistic qualities, so on the basis of positive customer feedback, the decanter is recommended.