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momma. michigan-grown, jersey-seasoned, desi roots. Bias for well-told stories, facts + context. This is where I tweet for me.

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    17 Oct 2018

    This week is Durga Puja, the year's biggest celebration for Bengalis across the world. Here's how we celebrated as children in suburban 1980s Michigan.

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    May 6

    We at The Graduate Center appreciate teachers every day. For , we asked Luke Waltzer ( ) for his thoughts on the impact of teaching.

  3. Apr 29

    Wonderful feature from my wonderful alma mater on my wonderful sister and the wonderful work she does.

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    Apr 11

    This is what I dream our youngest writers learn: that in another’s story, we might read our own anew; that our own words might shine an encouraging light on another’s path to writing; and that we never know what stranger might find an “anchor” in our words when they feel adrift.

  5. Apr 5

    What wonderful news for , Newark and the whole region. Arts Ed and community engagement were my favorite parts of working at NJPAC, so happy to see this!

  6. Apr 2

    Love this piece on 's work, and not just cuz I love the lady herself:

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    Mar 6

    Here it is, folks: The very last US-made Chevy Cruze, rolling off the assembly line in Lordstown as the plant prepares to shut down

  8. Mar 5
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    Mar 4

    What does a high school diploma mean to you? Join us and share your thoughts THIS WEEK at the next NJ Spotlight roundtable debate!

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    Feb 15

    Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a diverse teaching force, both for students of color and for all pupils. Based on the current workforce, though, New Jersey has a long way to go.

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    Feb 18

    The Ben Waltzer Trio cooking at ⁦⁩ last night, featuring ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ (Gerald Cleaver) and Ugonna Okegwo.

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    Jan 9

    Very excited to open up a new round of conference scholarships for journalists of color + those from underrepresented groups! More info, apply here: Thanks to the NJ Local News Lab for its support of this effort

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    27 Nov 2018

    This is what NJ statehouse journalism looks like: It's not always flattering or comfortable and it almost never starts or ends on time. This , any donation you make to support our work will be TRIPLED thanks to generous readers and

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    27 Nov 2018

    What's ? It's a day to support the journalism that supports democracy. Donate to any of 155 nonprofit newsrooms today and we'll match your gift:

  15. 20 Nov 2018

    This was such a great forum, thank you Susan Haig; fellow panelists , , ; & the fabulous audience that came out. Truly heartening to see so many people turn out to discuss the role of news in democracy.

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    19 Nov 2018

    Please join me at the & Forum on Monday, November 19, 7:30 pm! Enjoy a lively discussion from panelists and on ways to strenthen and foster common goals.

  17. 13 Nov 2018
  18. Retweeted
    6 Nov 2018

    Good morning New Jersey! It's and we want to help you make an informed midterm vote today. Check out our official elections HQ where we've got maps of the districts, candidate info, ballot question background and more! Pass it along!

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    5 Nov 2018

    Here is your five-minute primer courtesy of

  20. Retweeted
    5 Nov 2018

    Me navigating political media for the next 48 hours:

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    23 Oct 2018

    Yes! just gave us a story that sidesteps the negative ads and cuts right to where the candidates in this year's U.S. Senate race stand on a wide range of real issues that matter to NJ voters. Read this story to make an informed decision!


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