This is the first post in what will be a semi-monthly series giving you an inside look at what’s on the screens of the Antergos developers. The format of this series will be casual and content will cover anything Linux related. Basically, you will be treated to whatever has got the writing developer’s attention on that particular week. Alright that’s enough pretext; here is what’s on my desktop today.

Meet Cnchi 1st Step

Screenshot from 2013-12-30 11:54:16

The process of creating bootable media is easy to grasp. However, there’s a multitude of factors that could result in your media being useless. Creating bootable media is the most frequently posted topic we see in the forum and on IRC. It’s not just Antergos, however. If you browse the forums of other distros you will see the same trend. This brought me to brainstorm on ways to remove what I consider to be a major barrier standing in the way of new users that want to use Antergos.

Why do we need to create bootable media? WE DON’T!! The only case where the media is absolutely necessary is if you have a broken system that cannot boot successfully. The capability of directly booting an ISO without writing it to any media has been around for a while. As seen in the screenshot, Cnchi 1st Step will present you with two options. Option one is to not use any boot media and “Direct Boot” the iso file. My initial concern was for the cases where you may want to overwrite you current partition and could this be done with the iso residing on it. I’m thinking that this may not be an issue because the live system is loaded into RAM at boot but I’ll need to verify that.

Option two is there both as a fallback and of course for those who prefer/need to create physical boot media. In both options, Cnchi 1st Step will handle everything for you. This will make it even easier to get Antergos installed. Not quite “one-click” but close:

  1. Download and run Cnchi 1st Step.
  2. Select your desired method.

That’s it, just two steps. Cnchi will reboot your system once it has downloaded and prepared the image. This is still in the early stages (I literally started it today), but I’m excited to break down this installation barrier for our users. Hope you enjoyed taking a look at what’s on my desk today. Check back in two weeks for another installment.





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