antergos-logoAt last! Here it is… a new stable release of Antergos.

This release brings with it many bug fixes and improvements. It’s finally here: KDE is now available directly from our installer (KDE 4.13.1 at the time of writing). We didn’t stop there though, we’ve also included MATE (MATE 1.8 at the time of writing)!

BIG NEWS!: We have partnered with the Numix Project to theme all of our desktops. The Numix Square icon theme has replaced the old, but always remembered, Faenza. Zukitwo GTK, Gnome Shell, and Cinnamon themes have been replaced by the new, Antergos exclusive, ‘Numix Frost’. In the future we will help the Numix Project to bring the popular “Numix Experience” to QT and KDE Plasma.

 Our ISO is loaded with GNOME 3.12 goodness.

Gnome 3.12

Gnome 3.12

Gnome 3.12, the latest Gnome release, is now available in our Live ISO featuring headerbars and other good stuff. Also our partnership with Numix brings flat design to Antergos.


New GTK 3.12 features in Cnchi


We have adopted headerbars in Cnchi, moving the controls up into the headers giving us more space to display content.

NTP selector

New switch to turn off NTP on installation

New: toggle NTP on/off during installation!

NTP (automatic clock synchronization over the Internet) is a feature that has always been available in Antergos installation, but the user couldn’t disable this service in our graphical installer. Now you will have a switch in the Timezone screen to turn off NTP if you so desire.

Keymap Visualization


Ported to GTK from QT by our dev Gustau Castells, Cnchi now allows you to visualize and test your keyboard mapping.

New Desktop Environments


People really wanted to install KDE from directly from our installer, so we delivered. Our dev Dustin Falgout worked really hard to bring this new desktop to Cnchi.

We didn’t stop with just KDE. Also, thanks in part to Martin Wimpress, maintainer of the MATE packages in Arch Linux and member of the MATE team, we also included MATE in this release!


New Antergos theme for LightDM Webkit Greeter



We decided to provide an uniform login experience across every desktop offered in our Installer. So, our dev Dustin Falgout, worked like a champ and this is his creation. A really good looking login window with some unique features.

Everything is web based. We use HTML, jQuery and CSS to bring this to you.

On the right side of the screen, you will have a button to choose one of the default Antergos wallpapers and a button to select a Random background on every boot. By default, the random feature is enabled, just click on the one you want to turn it off.

Future versions of this login experience will provide the option to easily include your own pictures and other good stuff.


New Hardware Detection Module

This is another great feature, developed by our dev Gustau Castells. Our hardware recognition is now much improved with this new module and it will install necessary packages and required configurations.


Keep reading for our changelog:



  • [Enhancement] GTK 3.12 Headerbars and other ui improvements
  • [Enhancement] Show user which mount points they must define in order to continue.
  • [Enhancement] Cnchi now uses two transactions: one to download packages and one to install them. This lays the groundwork for planned enhancements to the package download process (pause/stop/resume, better handling of failures, etc)
  • [Enhancement] New flat design in the progress bars
  • [Enhancement] Updated code to Gtk 3.12 (no more deprecated code).
  • [Enhancement] Cleaned code using a base class (thanks Markus M. May)
  • [Enhancement] Better font rendering
  • [Feature] Added MATE Desktop
  • [Feature] Added KDE Desktop
  • [Feature] Removed Razorqt Desktop
  • [Feature] New hardware detection module
  • [Feature] Added a lock screen extension to Gnome
  • [Feature] Use Numix Frost theme and Numix Square icons
  • [Feature] Automagically use all cached package files from /var/cache/pacman/pkg (even when -c option is not used) to improve download times.
  • [Fix] Fixed XFCE installation bug
  • [Fix] Prevent extended or grub-gpt-bios partitions from being labeled or formatted
  • [Fix] Cnchi wouldn’t quit (in some special cases). Fixed.
  • [Fix] Advanced mode crashed with btrfs partitions. Fixed.
  • [Fix] Fixed fstab creation (mount options)
  • [Fix] Fixed free space calculation when using LVM and LUKS in automatic install.


Live ISO:


  • Numix themes applied
  • Random wallpaper when booting the ISO
  • EFI Improvements



More details:

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