Recently, we let you know about our intention to change our default desktop environment to Gnome, due to the impossibility to keep Cinnamon in repos of a rolling release like Arch Linux.

Today, I’m releasing the last set of ISO’s under the Cinnarch name. It is obvious that the community want us to rebrand, and that is what we’re going to do.

We don’t have a name decided, but because the switch to Gnome is crucial, and to prevent many systems to crash, here’s Cinnarch GNOME first and only release to keep things running while we set everything up.

This release removes every Linux Mint code and adopts some new programs to have better Gnome integration.

  • Nautilus replaces Nemo as File Manager
  • GDM replaces MDM as Desktop Manager
  • Gnome-shell (v3.6) replaces Cinnamon
  • Empathy replaces Pidgin

Packages removed:

  • Cinnamon-screensaver
  • Cinnamon-control-center

This replacements can change in the future to always give you the best experience.

Important to current Cinnarch users

Once Gnome 3.8 is in extra, Cinnamon will not longer be supported. If you don’t make the switch, your system may crash.

To make things easier, and as I promised, I made a very simple script to allow you to switch to this new set of apps.

This is what it does:

  • Check if you have any old package to be removed
  • Disables lightdm or mdm services
  • Removes cinnamon, nemo, lightdm, pantheon-greeter, mdm, and cinnamon related packages
  • Installs the new set of apps
  • Enables gdm service

The script can be downloaded from

To run the script, download the file to your home, open a terminal and execute:

sudo sh

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