Fix initramfs – “Warning: /lib/modules” – With EFI Boot

The problem usually arises when interrupting full upgrade process due to electric interruption, turning off pc before upgrade was complete etc.
The system is unable to boot again with a similar message below:

"Warning: /lib/modules/4.14.15-1-ARCH/modules.devname not found - ignoring. starting version 236.
ERROR: resume: hibernation device 'UUID… not found.
ERROR: device 'UUID…not found skipping fsck."

The error is related with initramfs.
To fix it the user needs to boot a livecd (use Antergos iso, it's easier)

Mount partitions


mount System to /mnt

You need to know which device is the right one check with sudo fdisk -l

sudo su

(/dev/sdXn should be replaced with the right device information)

mount /dev/sdXn /mnt >> / root partition

mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot >>> /boot partition

mount /dev/sdXn /mnt/boot/efi >>>>> the EFI-boot (fat) partition

arch-chroot /mnt

Now upgrade your system
sudo pacman -Syu
And finally fix initramfs (please notice the command bellow uses capital P)
sudo mkinitcpio -P

unmount partitions and reboot your machine


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