Today we are very happy to announce the release of Cnchi v0.8.0 as the new stable version of our installer. Our focus for this development cycle has been on squashing bugs and improving code quality. That, of course, means there are no groundbreaking new features included in this release as most of the changes have been “under the hood” (though we did manage to squeeze in a few very noticeable UI improvements).

We put a lot of effort into making Cnchi more reliable. Before I get to the stats, it’s important to note that all commits during this dev cycle were made by us. We did not receive any requests from other projects/developers to collaborate with us on improving Cnchi (which we would have welcomed, btw). With that said, lets get to it. How much work went in to improving Cnchi this dev cycle? A lot more than could be accomplished in 24 hours, that’s for sure! See for yourself:

Days of Development


Files Changed

Amazing Installer

Most Notable Changes:

  • LUKS encryption in advanced install
  • Added SMB and Firefox features
  • Added keyring initialisation
  • Auto partition code has been rewritten
  • Using urllib to download packages in (aria2 is also available).
  • Updated how we interact with pyalpm
  • We use our own version of timezonemap (coded in python)
  • Show hour in timezonemap (like Gnome3 does)
  • Hwinfo won’t be needed anymore
  • Numix gtk included and removed faenza icon theme
  • Packages.xml uses a new structure
  • Activate ligthdm-lockscreen and numix frost gnome shell in Gnome.
  • Set Cinnamon theme to “Numix Frost”
  • Added a download counter.
  • A lot of changes in our CSS
  • Added plank numix theme, ffmpegthumbnailer, gsimplecal and oblogout icons to Openbox
  • Use temporary directories for mounting
  • Updated hardware module for the packaging changes for mesa.
  • Removed gnome-extras. Added gnome-* to packages.
  • Added logging to to help debug problems when downloading/installing
  • detects installed OSes
  • Allow Gummiboot usage when using UEFI
  • Check mirror score to exclude mirrors that are responsive but out of sync
  • Renamed NoX to base
  • Allow different language and keyboard layout combinations (added an option to show all locations in location screen)
  • New geoserver, coords in different order.
  • Added parameter -f –force to run Cnchi even when it detects another instance
  • Enable haveged service and avahi with cups

Bugs Fixed:

  • Aborted/Cancelled Installation produces error when launching terminal “grantpt failed: Operation not permitted” (fixed)
  • Bugfix when changing lvm volume size in auto_partition
  • Fixed rankmirrors script
  • Removed deprecated –quiet parameter
  • Show antergos-wallpapers in cinnamon background settings
  • Added fluidsynth patch to change ALSA for PULSEAUDIO if necessary
  • Removed xnoise as it is no longer developed.
  • Fix issue with ext2/ext3/ext4 and existing labels
  • Fixed “unclosed file” resource warning
  • Changed all chmod subprocess calls to os.chmod calls (more pythonic)
  • Fix a lot of deprecation warnings (Gtk)
  • Fixed some bugs in download and metalink. Now uses less memory, too.
  • Fixed an uncaught exception during pacman keyring prep
  • Added xscreensaver to xfce
  • Do not fail if Cnchi can’t label a partition.
  • Make sure root partition is configured as such in grub.cfg
  • Set correct name to keyboard xorg file
  • …and many more!

Well, there you have it! Cnchi v0.8.0 will be available for everyone on our new ISO which will be released momentarily. Let us know how the newest version of Cnchi works for you in the comments below!

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