New Cnchi 0.10 is in the oven… that means that it’s nearly ready to be released.

What we want to do now is share all new features that you will find in this new release.

For starters, all screens are more compact now:





 A brand new keymap screen (where layouts and variants are chosen from a tree view):




New features, too!

Be able to install the LTS Linux Kernel (Longterm service) together with the latest kernel:




And, when performing a “Base” install, you can install a LAMP (or LEMP if you prefer Nginx) server without any hassle:



But, what about the “inside”?

Well, the changelist is too big to post it all here, so we will just put a summary.

Bear in mind that some of this bugfixes (critical ones) are already backported to Cnchi 0.8

* Filter and sort arch mirrorlist.
* Fixing hardware module
* Virtualbox is detected again
* Enable vmtoolsd if using vmware
* Hardware module can detect and install catalyst and nvidia drivers
* Removed unused LXDE
* Added dialog and rsync packages to base
* Run rank_mirrors and autotimezone as new processes (not threads)
* Trap IO errors so Cnchi does not stop even when LAMP/LEMP installation fails
* Disable autologin if using base desktop
* Do not use sourceforge mirror even if it is present in antergos-mirrorlist
* Fix halign in ask screen
* Deutsch and other languages look nice now in check screen
* Prevent labels to grow too much (so window does not grow, too)
* Cnchi can log remotely to a MongoDB database
* Use thunar instead of pcmanfm in Openbox
* Update antergos mirrorlist package before we rank the mirrors.
* Download: Never fail when file size is unknown
* Download: Try to trap connection errors
* Add antergos-openbox-setup package to the Openbox installation (openbox-setup is deprecated)
* Add proprietary graphic drivers if the user desires so
* Fixed detection of amd/nvidia graphic cards
* Do not check if a LVM volume is an extended partition
* Use systemd-timesyncd
* Keyboard widget is drawn as it should (finally!)
* English+Canada=Canada location with English variant 😉
* New keymap screen
* Removed all unused ubiquity code related to keymap
* Fixed issue #324 (
* Fixed issue #278 (
* An empty label is a valid label 😉
* Do not allow “strange” labels in advanced.
* Fix link creation. Fixes
* Write in vconsole.conf the correct keymap
* Fix buggy Gtk window size with Openbox
* Fixed issue #331 (
* Run systemd-networkd setup in base install (wired connections)
* Fixed
* Added LEMP option
* Fixed antergos/cnchi#351 (
* Fixed issue #352 (
* There’s no need to add a tmpfs line to fstab (systemd takes care of it)
* Fix disk size calculation.
* Added LAMP setup
* Added warning message when using LUKS on a partition in advanced mode
* Add python-pysmbc when using SMB shares
* Fix kde config issue reported in forum
* Start vbox client services for vbox installs
* Merge pull request #343 from Wyn10/patch-2
* Stop downloading process of all packages when just one can’t be downloaded
* Force to download a file in cache if it’s md5 sum is wrong
* Merge pull request #340 from Wyn10/patch-1
* Use symbolic icons in advanced
* Fixed issue #336 (
* Merge pull request #335 from Wyn10/patch-1
* Merge pull request #334 from Wyn10/patch-1
* If asked to, hardware module chooses the proprietary driver
* Remove empathy from packages.xml (oversight)
* Add lxsession to openbox packages for polkit agent
* Add topIcons extension as default for Gnome
* Gnome – make dock nicer, add min/max buttons to windows
* Replace – with — in lvm vg partition path
* Add multilib repo on 64 bit system
* Change chromeos_laptop to cyapa just in case
* Add support for chromebook touchpad settings to postinstall
* Added -e option to select DE from command line (not that useful)
* Fix several deprecation warnings
* Show GTK wrong version error message in GUI
* Include light-locker-settings
* Fixed issue #297 (
* Adjust the button styles for advanced and user_info screens
* Allow format without label
* Fixed issue #318 (
* Update gsettings keys that changed in 3.16
* Fix check labels disappearance in advanced
* Cleaned advanced screen code.
* Specify that we need a GTK version >= 3.16.0
* Fixed encryption with gummiboot
* Fix deprecation
* Fixes #304 (
* Mount special dirs before running gummiboot install (bugfix)
* Efi partition only exists with efi and grub2
* Merge pull request #295 from (Ramon Buldó)
* Fixes /home (not root and boot) bug mounting problem in advanced
* Fix is_ssd function. The previous function crashes. (Ramon Buldó)
* Trap exception if setxkbmap can’t be set
* bluedevil package was renamed upstream.
* Merge pull request #289 from prescott66/patch-5
* Add gnome calendar to Gnome DE (Dušan Kazik)
* Add Seahorse to manage passwords in Gnome
* Merge pull request #288 from prescott66/patch-4
* Fixed issue #284 (Dušan Kazik)
* Added gnome-font-viewer
* Merge pull request #248 from Llumex03/master
* Merge pull request #287 from Ramon Buldó
* Use default value when creating last partition with sgdisk. (Ramon Buldó)
* When calculating partition sizes, return integers (Ramon Buldó)
* swap and /boot don’t necessarilly exist in advanced install. (Ramon Buldó)
* Shell=True is used when check_call is used with a single string (Ramon Buldó)
* Use same order as get_devices function when formatting partitions (Ramon Buldó)
* Fix wrong device number in efi auto_partition (Ramon Buldó)
* Fix language screen margin
* Increase timeout for packages.xml and don’t bail if we can’t retrieve it
* Prevent empty strings in package list. Fixes #283
* Ensure iso pkg cache is used when no cache is provided by user
* Use totem in Mate DE (mate-mplayer no longer exists)

That’s all folks!

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