Antergos Applications List (defaults)

We want to maintain the default application list as short as possible. Our goal is to let the user choose which applications wants to use.

Nevertheless, we provide some defaults where we feel that one default application is needed.


Area GNOME Cinnamon Xfce MATE Openbox KDE
Web Chromium Chromium Chromium Chromium Chromium Chromium
Package Manager GUI pamac pamac pamac pamac pamac pamac
CD/DVD Burning xfburn / brasero xfburn xfburn xfburn xfburn k3b
Doc Viewer Evince Evince Evince atril Evince Okular
Image Viewer eog eog ristretto eom gpicview gwenview
File Browser nautilus nemo thunar caja pcmanfm dolphin
Text Editor gedit gedit mousepad pluma mousepad kate
Archiver file-roller file-roller file-roller engrampa file-roller ark
Bittorrent transmission-gtk transmission-gtk transmission-gtk transmission-gtk transmission-gtk transmission-qt
Music Gnome Music & Totem Gnome Music & Totem pragha pragha pragha clementine
Video Totem Totem parole Totem gnome-mplayer vlc
Chat pidgin pidgin pidgin pidgin --- pidgin


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